Provost Gillian Renwick

Provost Gillian RenwickAs part of her civic role, Provost Renwick meets dignitaries and visitors to the area and represents the Council and the people of East Dunbartonshire at a range of different events.

The Provost hosts Civic Receptions and events and visits residents of East Dunbartonshire celebrating significant milestones such as 100th Birthdays, Golden or Diamond Wedding celebrations etc.

Provost's Charity

A Provost's Charity is run through the Civic Office, raising money for good causes. 

Citizenship Ceremonies

Citizenship Ceremonies are where new citizens are formally granted their citizenship of the United Kingdom. They are organised by the Registrar on behalf of the Home Office and in East Dunbartonshire, the Provost and a representative of the Lord Lieutenant of Dunbartonshire play an important role in conducting these ceremonies and welcoming new citizens to the United Kingdom and in particular East Dunbartonshire.   

Provost’s Office

The Provost’s Office provides support to the Provost and co-ordinates the organisation of civic functions, including applications for civic receptions received from community, businesses and other local organisations. 

Civic Hospitality

Civic Receptions are hosted by the Provost to recognise groups or individuals who have achieved something in our area or to welcome foreign visitors or businesses to generate investment in our area.

Requests for a Civic Reception or for the Provost to attend an event

Requests for a Civic Reception or invitations for the Provost to attend an event should be sent to:

Online:          Request Form
Tel:                 0141 578 8016
Address:        Provost's Office
                      Civic & Corporate HQ
                      12 Strathkelvin Place
                      Kirkintilloch, G66 1TJ

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For diary planning purposes please send invitations as far in advance of the event as possible. We will contact you shortly after receiving your request to confirm if the Provost is able to attend.