Privacy Notice - Children and Young Persons Performance Licences

Privacy Notice

Who will process?

The personal information provided in the Children in Entertainment Licence Application Form and any personal information we collect about the applicant for this licence and the child about whom the License relates (the “Personal Information”) will be processed by East Dunbartonshire Council 12 Strathkelvin Place, Kirkintilloch, G66 1TJ.

You can contact the Council on:
 0300 123 4510

Why it will be processed

The Personal Information will be used to assess and determine if a Children in Entertainment Licence is (1) required under the individual circumstances of the application; and (2) to be granted. If a licence is required and all relevant information has been provided, the Personal Information will be used to assess the application and then determine whether to issue the licence.

Who will have access to the Personal Information?

The Personal Information will be shared with other departments within East Dunbartonshire Council and other organisations for this purpose and also to:

  • check the information we hold is accurate;
  • prevent and/or detect crime; and
  • protect public funds.

Other organisations may include the school/college/place of education of the child concerned, bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds, other councils, public sector agencies, governmental departments, regulatory and law enforcement bodies and other private companies or entities (such as service providers/contractors to the Council and/or partner bodies.) 

We will also generally comply with requests for specific information from other regulatory and law enforcement bodies where this is necessary and appropriate.

Set out below are some examples of who we share the Personal Information with and why:

Example 1:

The school / college /place of education of the child is provided with a copy of the licence on every occasion.

Example 2:

The local authority in which the performance is taking place (if out with East Dunbartonshire) will also receive a copy of the licence.

Example 3:

On occasion if the application is particularly complex or involves overseas performances, the Personal Information may be shared with the Council’s Legal Department, to ensure compliance with legislation.

What is the lawful basis for the Council to process the Personal Information?

The use of the Personal Information is necessary:

  • in the exercise of official authority vested in the Council by:-
  • The Children & Young Persons Act 1963 (Restriction on persons under 16 taking part in public performances etc));
  • The Children and Young Persons Act (1933); and
  • The Children (Performances & Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2014
  • for the Council to comply with its legal obligations under the following legislation:-
  • The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (to ensure proper administration of the Council’s financial affairs (including the detection and/or prevention of fraud) (and providing such information as necessary to the Accounts Commission).

Do I have to provide the Personal Information?

You do not have to provide the Personal Information to us. Without the correct information however we may not be able to process the application for a licence which is required under law, therefore the performance / activity may not go ahead with the child concerned participating.

Do you Collect Personal Information?

Some of the Personal Information East Dunbartonshire Council hold about you in relation to the licence application may come from third party sources.

For example, the Children (Performances and Activities (Scotland) Regulations 2014/372 allows the Council to request additional information, which may include personal data, for the purposes of determining whether to grant a licence and can include:

  • a report from the head teacher at the child’s school;
  • medical examination of the child;
  • interviews with the applicant, child, child’s parent, any proposed chaperone and proposed private teacher.

How long will you keep the Personal Information?

East Dunbartonshire Council uses the Scottish Council on Archives Records Retention Schedules to manage the amount of time the Council keeps information.

If you are searching SCARRS the Reference which covers the Personal Information for Children & Young Persons Performance Licences is: 10.004.004

We will hold the Personal Information for a period of two years from the day following the date of last action in respect of the application or when the child reaches 25 years (whichever is later).

The Personal Information will be retained for the minimum period necessary. The Personal Information will then be destroyed after this period.

What are my rights?

  • Right of Access – you have the right to access the personal information we hold about you.  This right is called a Subject Access Request, often referred to as a SAR.  You can receive a copy of your personal data held by us, details on why it is being used, who it has been / will be shared with, how long it will be held for, the source of the information and if we use computer systems profile or take decisions about you.  Details on how to submit a Subject Access Request.
  • Right to Rectification of Personal Data - You have the right to request that we correct any personal data held about you that is inaccurate.
  • Right to Erasure of Personal Data - You have the right to request that we delete personal data about you. This is known as the right to be forgotten.  You can request erasure of personal data in certain circumstances for example: i) the personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected; ii) it is  being processed unlawfully; iii) the personal data has to be erased due to a legal obligation we are subject to.
  • Right to Restrict Processing - You have the right to request that we restrict processing your personal data if: i) you think the personal data is inaccurate; ii) the processing is unlawful; iii) we no longer need the personal data but you may need it for legal purposes; or iv) you object to us processing for the performance of a public interest task or the official authority vested in us.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns and / or complaints?

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office should you be unhappy with the way we have processed the Personal Information. Details on how to report a concern.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Council’s handling of the Personal Information you can contact Our Data Protection Officer:
Karen Donnelly
Data Protection Officer
East Dunbartonshire Council
12 Strathkelvin Place
G66 1TJ
Tel: 0300 123 4510