Privacy Notice - Children and Families and Justice Social Work Services

Privacy Notice

Who will process my information?

The personal information you provide to us or we collect about you (your information) will be processed by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Why will my information be processed?

Your information will be processed by East Dunbartonshire Council so we can provide you with a social work service if appropriate and fulfil a range of statutory duties of EDC in relation to Child And Public Protection. We provide our social work services through East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP). The Council remains responsible for controlling your data.

These social work services include:

  • Advice and Response
  • Child Protection, Adult Support and Protection and Public Protection
  • Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Assessment
  • Care Planning
  • Looked After Children’s Services
  • Accommodate Children’s Services
  • Children with Disability
  • Community Justice
  • Criminal Justice
  • Prison Throughcare
  • Youth Justice
  • Throughcare
  • Aftercare
  • Individual and Groupwork
  • Fostering
  • Adoption
  • Kinship Care
  • Continuing Care
  • Community Support
  • Residential Child Care
  • Prison based Social Work Services

If the Council has been given your information by another person or organisation, for example Education, GP or Police Scotland, we will process your information in the same way as if you had given us it yourself.

What sort of information will you process?

As well as identifying information, such as your name, age and contact details, we will also process information which is sensitive in nature. This will include information about your health, heritage, beliefs, and sexual orientation. We do this so that we can provide you with support in a form and manner which is respectful of your personal characteristics.

Who will have access to my information?

Your information will only be accessed by employees who are involved in providing you with a social work service. This includes Council staff based in the Contact Centre and Hubs in addition to those in the HSCP. Under the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014, some staff employed by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde within the HSCP will have limited access to your social work service record.

Who might my information be shared with?

  • Your power of attorney, guardian or representative if you have one
  • Scottish Children’s Reporter’s Administration
  • Scottish Courts
  • Scottish Prison Service
  • Healthcare professionals employed within the HSCP
  • Your GP and other healthcare professionals employed or contracted by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  • Independent service providers commissioned to provide services on behalf of the Council/HSCP
  • Other Council services
  • Glasgow & Partners Emergency Social Work Service
  • Other local authorities
  • Housing providers
  • Other providers of goods and services
  • The Care Inspectorate
  • The Office of Public Guardian
  • The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
  • Scottish Public Service Ombudsman
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue
  • UK Benefits Agency
  • The Parole Board For Scotland
  • Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements
  • Protection of Vulnerable Groups

Why does the Council share my information with these people or organisations?

Your information will always be shared with these people and organisations on a “need to know” basis. This is so we can assess your needs and your eligibility for a social work or social care service, and thereafter so we can provide you with the most suitable services to support and protect you or your child, and meet your needs. Specific details about who your information will be shared with, and why, will be discussed with you, and included in any care, support and/or protection plan you may have.  In certain cases we are required to share information with Police Scotland, Scottish Prison Service, The Parole Board and Scottish ministers in respect of our responsibilities for the management of offenders and the prevention and detection of crime.

How do you keep my information safe when you share it with other organisations?

To make sure we are sharing your information safely and securely with other organisations, we have agreed information-sharing protocols or memorandums of understanding with them. For example, details of the information sharing protocol between East Dunbartonshire Council and Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board can be found on the NHSGGC website [opens in a new window].

For commissioned services, details of how we share your information will be included in our contracts with them.