Delivery of Westerhill Development Road & Westerhilll Masterplan

Westerhill Development RoadRoute of Westerhill Development Road Phase 5 from above

This project element of the Council’s City Deal Place and Growth Programme includes the delivery of the Westerhill Development Road (formerly known as Phase 5 of the Bishopbriggs Relief Road) to complete the route through East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow north, improving connectivity and unlocking strategic development sites to enable follow on investment.

The delivery of the Westerhill Development Road (WDR) will:

  • Remove non-essential traffic from travelling through Bishopbriggs
    town centre
  • Alleviate issues in relation to the Air Quality Management on A803
  • Enable A803 corridor improvements
  • Enable a well-connected workforce within East Dunbartonshire and wider city region
  • Promote improved road infrastructure coupled with sustainable travel options, particularly for commuting journeys
  • Help enable development of derelict/vacant land to ensure there is space for local companies to grow, to attract other high quality businesses and reduce barriers to jobs locally.

Development of potential routes for the WDR is being aided by the creation of a Masterplan and Environmental Report for the Westerhill Area. Both the Masterplan and the Environmental Report are being developed in tandem and will play a crucial part in identifying the potential of this area to contribute to the economic regeneration of Bishopbriggs.


Consultation was on options for the new Westerhill Development Road between 29 May and 22 June 2023.

There were five options for a new stretch of road starting from the Lochgrog Roundabout (Phase 4 of Bishopbriggs Relief Road) and tying in with the A803. An upgrade to Torrance Roundabout is also included.

Preferred route

Following a detailed selection process, the Council - in consultation with stakeholders - has selected the preferred route – Option A (see image above, click to enlarge).

For more information, you can view the report which was considered and approved at a meeting of the Council on 14 December 2023 (external link opens in new window).

Option A is the most westerly of the choices, running north from Lochgrog Roundabout, east of Low Moss Prison, and connecting to the existing road network at Cole Road. It includes pedestrian and cycling paths, as well as an upgraded Torrance Roundabout.

In comparison to the other potential routes, Option A is considered to perform well overall against the project objectives and minimises environmental impact. 

Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance scoring methodology was used to assess each option.

A range of factors were considered, including: environmental conditions; traffic; masterplan and economic impacts; public, landowner and statutory body consultations; land and property impacts; costs; construction feasibility; and the overall Benefit Cost Ratio.

Option A is considered to preform well overall against the project objectives. It minimises environmental impact – utilising existing road networks, and minimising disruption to the Antonine Wall Buffer Zone and the glacial melt water channel in the area.

It also reduces potential impact on a Local Nature Conservation area, playing fields and land identified for the proposed extension to Cadder Cemetery.

Next steps

The preferred route will now be taken forward for detailed design and costing work.

Activities include:

  • Further ground investigations
  • Topographic and utility surveys
  • Confirming land requirements and securing land acquisition
  • Confirming environmental mitigation and enhancement measures
  • Detailed traffic modelling for junction design
  • Further landowner and stakeholder consultation, including a public exhibition
  • Further environmental surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Stage 1 Road Safety Audit
  • Design and cost refinement
  • DMRB Stage 3 Report
  • Preparation of a planning application and taking the project through statutory process.

History of the Bishopbriggs Relief Road project

The project originally included five phases:

  • Phases 1 and 2 - largely within the Glasgow boundary - connect drivers to the Robroyston roundabout and onto the M80 - COMPLETED
  • Phase 3 extends from Auchinairn Road to Wester Cleddens Road - COMPLETED
  • Phase 4 replaced the existing Westerhill Road and included the creation of Lochgrog Roundabout and Wester Way, a dedicated walking/cycling route on the route of the old Westerhill Road - COMPLETED
  • Phase 5 is now known as the Westerhill Development Road (please see above).


Westerhill Regeneration Area Framework Masterplan


Work is taking place to develop the Westerhill Regeneration Area Framework Masterplan. 

Regeneration of the 370-hectare Westerhill site is part of the Council's £34.88 million Place and Growth Programme – supported by the UK and Scottish Governments through the Glasgow City Region City Deal.

The masterplan will be a long-term, overall framework for the development of "land parcels" and will be used as guidance for future planning applications.

It also identifies land for the delivery of the Westerhill Development Road.

Consultation took place between 11 April and 16 May 2023.

The Westerhill area is identified as a regeneration site in the Council's adopted Local Development Plan.

Long-term objectives of the masterplan, subject to external funding being secured, include:

  • The refurbishment of vacant buildings and improvements to the existing Westerhill Industrial Estate
  • The protection and enhancement of the High and Low Moss areas, and peat soil
  • The creation of green links, and health and wellbeing improvements via path accessibility, active travel, public transport and open spaces
  • Road improvements
  • A potential mix of uses – such as business, research and development, manufacturing and outdoor leisure.

Drafting of the Westerhill Masterplan is well progressed. For more information, you can view the report which was considered and approved at a meeting of the Council on 14 December 2023 (external link opens in new window).



Ceara Pimley
Team Leader - City Deal