Parents Portal FAQs - Parents/Carers without a MyAccount and iPayimpact Account

Parents/Carers without a MyAccount and iPayimpact Account - FAQs

On this page you will find information on:

What is and how does it work? is a new digital service to help replace the traditional school bag run. It provides direct communication to parents/carers through a growing suite of online services, including information about a child's education and the ability to complete transactions such as paying for school meals, reporting your child’s absence and viewing their timetable and attendance. has been built to provide convenience, enabling parents to access information, update details and carry out transactions at a time that suits them.

To login to you need a myaccount, a service which enables you to access a range of Scottish public services online using one username and password.

Once you have signed in to, you can link your child to your account. After your child’s school approves the link, you will then be able to see information about your child and their school online. There will be additional services you can access, which will grow over time. Initially the services available will include those listed on the enclosed letter.

What is myaccount?

Myaccount is a simple, secure way to access a range of Scottish public services online using just one username and password. Provided by the Improvement Service and funded by the Scottish Government, it is completely free.

You can find out more about myaccount by visiting the MyGov website [opens in a new window].

How do I register for

To register for, you must first have a myaccount.

If you do already have a myaccount then you can sign in using your existing details using the following steps:

  • Visit the Parentsportal website [opens in a new window]
  • Click ‘Sign in’. You will be taken to the myaccount sign in page
  • Enter your username and password for myaccount and click ‘Sign-in’
  • You will be asked to confirm that you are happy to share your information with If you are please click ‘Yes, take me there’
  • You will be asked to agree to terms and conditions. If you are happy to do so please tick the box at the bottom of the page and click ‘Accept’.

More information can be found in the Parentsportal Intro Video for Parents [opens in a new window].

How do I link my child to my account?

On the home page, click the ‘Link child’ button. There are three steps to follow:

  1. Provide information about your child, the school they attend and your relationship with them. The information you provide will be verified against the information the school holds on record.
  2. If the information you provide about your child matches what is on record at their school, you will be sent a Security Code either to your phone/email already in the school system, to provide additional security.
  3. Once you have entered the security code, your request will be sent to the school to either approve or deny the link. You will be notified of their decision by email.

Once the school has confirmed your link, you will be able to access all the services for your child.

I’ve tried to link my child to myaccount, but I can’t get beyond step 1 – it says the data does not match – what do I do?

To ensure a secure link to a child’s data, the information you have in your myaccount must match the information held in the school system (SEEMIS). If the information does not match you will see a screen advising:

Unfortunately, the details you provided did not match the data held in our records. Please check again that the details you entered were correct, if they were, please contact your child’s school to make sure the details held in the school system (SEEMIS) are correct to enable a secure link to be made.

Examples of why the link may have failed:

  • your name or address appear differently in the school system e.g. Tom/Thomas
  • you have entered the incorrect details for your child – did you use a nickname? Did you provide the correct address for your child? Did you enter the correct year stage for your child? (P = Primary / S = Secondary).

If you are sure the information you have in your myaccount matches what is held in the school system about you, please contact your child’s school directly.

What security measures are in place within schools if a parent/carer cannot link a child and they contact the school office for assistance?

School staff will ensure that both your own, as well as your child’s personal data which is held by your child’s school, is only ever accessible to those who have parental rights.

If you need to contact the school office regarding a failed link attempt, please be aware that school staff will ask parents/carers a number of security questions relating to you and your child before being able to provide you with advice.

Parents/carers can also make enquiries via email. The school will only be able to help you if the email address matches the email address which is held by the school.

I did not receive the security code – what do I do?

In Step 2, you can choose to receive a security code via text message to your phone or via email.

If you requested to receive the security code via email, and it hasn’t arrived, please check your junk or spam folder in case it is in there.

If the code hasn’t arrived via email or mobile phone, it could be that the school doesn’t have an up-to-date email address or mobile phone number for you. It’s your responsibility to ensure the school has your current contact details.

If you have not received the security code, please contact your child’s school and inform them that you did not receive the security code, and that you need to double check that the email address and mobile phone number they hold for you is correct.

How long will it take for the school to approve my request to link my account to my child’s details?

School staff will check the system every working day, however, please allow five working days. If you have not heard anything within five working days, please contact the school.

What if my request to link to a child has been rejected?

If your request to link your account to your child has been rejected, please contact your child’s school.

What happens if I forget my username?

If you forget your username, click on the sign in button on the homepage and select the option for 'Forgot Username' to retrieve your forgotten username. When you request a username reminder, you will be asked to confirm your email address, post code, gender and date of birth in order to verify that you are the account holder.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on the sign in button on the homepage and select the option for 'Forgot Password'. When you request to reset your password, you will be asked to confirm your username, email address, post code and date of birth in order to verify that you are the account holder. A new one- time use password will then be sent to you by email.

How secure is myaccount and

Myaccount has been carefully designed to give you highly secure access to public sector services and keep you in control of your personal information.

The physical and informational security policies, procedures, practices and configuration of the myaccount and service all follow current best practice. The system's security is regularly reviewed and audited.

Will you ever ask for my username or password by email or over the phone?

No. When you register for a myaccount, you will agree to keep your account details secure, and will not divulge your sign-in details or security question to any third- parties.

If a person or organisation asks for your username or password by email or over the phone, it may be a 'phishing' scam. To keep your account secure, never share your sign-in details with anyone.

What services will be available on

When you sign into you will be able to access 'available services', these are also detailed on the enclosed letter. Over time we will be adding other services such as a parent’s night booking system, meaning you can book your own slot at a time that suits you. You will receive an email notifying you of services as they become available.

How do I access the cashless catering service through

Access to the Cashless Catering online payments service will be available via This document explains the process for those who have already signed up to iPayimpact to access the Cashless Catering service.

Once you have signed into Parents Portal using your MyAccount credentials, click ‘access service’ on the iPayimpact tile:

Screenshot of iPayimpact Online School Payments - pay online for school meals, services or activities for children already registered in ipayimpact

This should automatically direct you to the iPayimpact site [opens in a new window]

  • Click to login via MyGov (MyAccount)

login screen for mygovscot myaccount

  • Sign in using your MyAccount username and password
  • Enter the Child Account Reference – this will be on the letter provided by the school for cashless catering, if you do not have this you should contact the school office.
  • If you have an existing iPayimpact account, you will be asked to enter your iPayimpact password and link the accounts. By doing this you will be able to access iPayimpact when you are in Parents Portal.
  • You will now be able to see each of the children you have set up an iPayimpact account for.