Trusted Trader scheme launches in East Dunbartonshire

Tuesday, 23 May, 2023

local traders, Councillor Paul Ferretti, Council Officers, representatives of Police Scotland and a representative of Trusted Trader standing outside at Kirkintilloch Marina with the canal behind them.
Traders in the area are being encouraged to find out more about the East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader scheme after it was officially launched by the Council and local partners.

The scheme aims to increase customer confidence by helping people find reliable traders, promote good practice within local businesses, protect residents from doorstep crime, and help generate business for local companies.

The Council’s Trading Standards team is responsible for overseeing the scheme including vetting traders, regularly examining business practices and monitoring reviews and feedback.

The initiative, which is supported by Police Scotland, was launched in Dundee in 2005 and East Dunbartonshire is the latest local authority to join. The scheme has already generated interest from local traders who are keen to be involved.

Councillor Paul Ferretti, Convener of Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets who attended the launch said, “The Trusted Trader scheme benefits everyone in East Dunbartonshire. Traders that sign up will not only get support from the Council but will be able to highlight the scheme in any marketing materials. This will let potential customers know they are reputable and reliable.

“Residents benefit because they can confidently hire a business knowing they have been properly vetted. We know that scams and frauds increased during the pandemic and rogue traders can be very convincing. It’s important we do all we can to warn people and prevent this type of crime. That’s why we hope the Trusted Trader scheme will steadily rise in popularity and as a result cold calling, pressure selling, and doorstep crime will all decrease in East Dunbartonshire.”

Traders must pay a yearly fee of £240 to cover the cost of administrating the scheme such as maintaining the online database and feedback system, ongoing advertising, and promotion to the public.

Community Police Inspector Alan Ferris of Kirkintilloch Police Station added, “Rogue traders and bogus callers can be difficult to distinguish from legitimate service providers. They can persuade householders to part with large sums of money by starting out cheaper than competitors and then falsely claiming urgent more expensive work is needed. This often requires a reputable trader to come in and repair badly done or incomplete work.

“I hope the introduction of the Trusted Trader initiative provides householders across East Dunbartonshire with increased confidence that they are engaging the services of legitimate traders and I would always encourage residents to take simple steps to prevent themselves being defrauded by doorstep criminals.

“Never allow anyone you are not expecting into your home and never agree to pay up front for work yet to be carried out or feel pressured into making decisions quickly. Legitimate traders will be comfortable returning at a later date allowing research of their business. If you ever feel threatened please contact the police.”

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