Tree planting at Mugdock Country Park

Friday, 17 December, 2021

Mugdock Country Park will be home to 100 new trees - including holly and hazel - thanks to a carbon reduction initiative by DTGen.Mugdock tree planting

Brian Muirie, Sales Director at DTGen, said: “The diesel generators we provide are almost exclusively used for standby power to support critical infrastructure and emergency applications during mains power outages, and therefore produce zero emissions for most of their life. We are however keen to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible as part of our carbon reduction strategy.

“As tree planting is considered to be one of the best ways to offset carbon emissions, we’re committed to planting 100 trees at Mugdock Country Park which will not only help to reduce our carbon footprint but also help the park to meet the cost challenges of its planting programme, as well as making a very positive contribution to improving biodiversity here.”

DTGen’s donation consists of holly and hazel saplings as well as stakes and protective mesh for tree guards to enable the trees to get a head start with protection from grazing herbivores.

Cllr Jim Gibbons, Chair of the Mugdock Joint Management Committee, said: “We are delighted about this donation of new, sustainable planting at our much-loved Mugdock Country Park. Many thanks to DTGen for their involvement.

“This planting project will not only enhance the visual landscape for the enjoyment of our visitors, it will also support our work to improve biodiversity and air quality by developing our sustainable environment here at Mugdock.” 

Mugdock Country Park is located 10 miles north of Glasgow close to the populations of Milngavie and Strathblane. It was designated a Country Park in 1987 and combines woodland, heathland, marshland and moor along with formal walking routes, a loch, castles and gun sites leftover from WWII.

Mugdock Country Park is currently owned and managed by both East Dunbartonshire and Stirling Councils through a Joint Management Committee.

Pictured above are: Brian Muirie, Sales Director at DTGen; Councillor Jim Gibbons, Chair of Mugdock Joint Management Committee; and Grant Kirk, Sales and Solutions Engineer at DTGen.

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