Statutory Council Meeting to confirm key Council Positions following 5 May elections

Friday, 20 May, 2022

At its Statutory Meeting last night (Thursday 19 May), East Dunbartonshire Council elected Councillor Gillian Renwick as Provost. Councillor Colette McDiarmid was elected as Depute Provost following a voting process.

Councillor Gordan Low was appointed as Leader of the Council after a voting process and Councillor Calum Smith was appointed as Depute Leader.

Council then considered a report for the adoption of Administrative Scheme/Standing Orders for East Dunbartonshire Council.  Standing Orders were adopted.

Appointments were then made to the Council’s Service Committees, Planning Board, Sub-Committees, Quasi-Judicial Boards and External Bodies.  The Service Committee and Planning Board appointments were as follows:

Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets Committee

Convener:                 Councillor Paul Ferretti
Vice Convener:        Councillor Pamela Marshall

Education Committee

Convener:                 Councillor Lynda Williamson
Vice Convener:        Councillor Ian Gallagher

Audit & Risk Management Committee

Convener:                 Councillor Vaughan Moody
Vice Convener:        Councillor Susan Murray            

Policy & Resources Committee

Convener:                 Councillor Gordan Low
Vice Convener:        Councillor Calum Smith

Planning Board
Convener:                 Councillor Callum McNally
Vice Convener:        Councillor Jim Gibbons

Following the meeting Council Leader Councillor Gordan Low, said, "It is an honour to take on the responsibility of Leader of the Council and I do not underestimate the challenge ahead for local government, as we emerge from the pandemic, with both the cost of living crisis and the climate challenge, clear priorities to address.

“Local government in general and our workforce in particular have been fundamental to the COVID-19 response over the past two unprecedented years and as we move forward, our approach will be founded on the principles of trust, respect and openness, with policies embedded in the priorities of our Local Outcome Improvement Plan, and with community engagement informing decision making.”

Provost Gillian Renwick said, "It is both an honour and a privilege to be elected as Provost for East Dunbartonshire. I believe I am the first - but I am sure not the last - Councillor from Kirkintilloch to take up this role.  I am incredibly proud to take on the duties of Provost and will carry these out to the very best of my ability.  I will also do my utmost to ensure that our Council meetings are run fairly and well and I trust that we will all respect each other and the proceedings at our meetings throughout this Council term.”

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