Revamped community Asset Map launched

Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Peel park band stand in the snowAn online interactive tool to help East Dunbartonshire residents find and share local resources to support positive health and wellbeing has been relaunched.

The East Dunbartonshire Asset Map [opens in a new window], currently contains information about places, resources and organisations – all coming under the heading of community assets – which the people of East Dunbartonshire can use to support their health and wellbeing, both physical and mental.

A community asset could be anything - a local park, group or class. Users can browse the community assets by town or by categories such as care and support, education and learning, fitness and exercise, health and wellbeing and social and leisure.

East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership Interim Chief Officer Caroline Sinclair, said, “Connection is key to inclusion. We hope that the refreshed and revamped Asset Map will help to make links between people and resources, enabling local people to engage with informal support and advice.

"The Asset Map will always be work in progress. As well as finding things in the area that can help support your health and wellbeing, you can add your own community assets, you can tell us about changes in services and support, and together we can help other people in the community support their own health and wellbeing. So if something is great about your area, tell others about it here."

Led by a steering group made up of partners and stakeholders across various services, this interactive map is for the whole community of East Dunbartonshire. The map is now accessible from mobile devices and smart phones too so accessing it has never been easier.

For more information visit the East Dunbartonshire Asset Map, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook or contact the OPAL team at or on 0141 438 2347.