Do you want to find out more about parking in East Dunbartonshire?

Friday, 1 October, 2021

A dedicated Draft Parking Management Plan has been prepared in response to parking concerns raised through previous consultations on the Local Transport Strategy 2020-2025.

A range of legislation controls how parking is managed and the Council has an established approach to parking in town centres and communities. This information has been brought together to set out a coordinated, operational plan for parking.  It is hoped that by having all this information in one place, it will make it easier for residents and businesses to understand how and why parking is managed in East Dunbartonshire.

Residents are being given the opportunity to share their views on new actions relating to parking around schools. The Draft Parking Management Plan includes a pilot to deliver traffic-free schools at a small number of primary schools, at certain times of the day, to improve pedestrian safety, make areas more attractive for walking, cycling and wheeling and improve local air quality.

The Council also wants to hear how COVID-19 is affecting use of rail station car parks.

A two-month engagement period launches on Tuesday 5 October during which time two online sessions  have been arranged for residents to find out what the Draft Parking Management Plan includes and to ask any questions.  Anyone interested in attending should register online:

Joint Council leader Andrew Polson, said, “We've prepared a Draft Parking Management Plan for East Dunbartonshire so it's vital that we share it with as many local residents, communities, groups and businesses as possible to gain views on parking at schools and stations and also take the opportunity to explain how the Council manages parking in general.”

Joint Council leader Vaughan Moody, added, “Parking management is an issue that affects everyone in the community and most residents will have an opinion on. We would encourage everyone to get involved and make their views known on these new ideas to ensure that our places work for all residents."

Once a final version of the plan is approved, it will ensure that the Council has a coordinated approach to parking management and enforcement and it will guide future decision-making.

For further information, please visit our webpage on parking management  (live from Tuesday 5 October) or contact us via email parking consultation or call 0300 1234510 and ask for the Land Planning Policy Team.


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