Council Supporting Thank You Day in East Dunbartonshire on 4 July

Friday, 25 June, 2021

A national day of Thanks in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic has been organised for Sunday 4 July.  Badged as the UK’s biggest ‘Thank You Party’, the day is being supported by a wide range of organised groups, faith communities, businesses and celebrities – and local authorities are being invited to support the celebrations.Joint Leaders welcome Thank You Day

Joint Council Leader Vaughan Moody explained, “Throughout the pandemic we have continued to thank our own workforce and the NHS for their amazing responses to this unprecedented global situation.  Thank You day is about extending that – an opportunity for u all to say thank you to all those in our communities who have helped and who have been there for us, and that includes friends and families, volunteers and businesses – everyone has played their part whether it has been part of the response or simply following the guidelines and restrictions to combat Govid-19.”

A timetable for 4 July has been put together to offer a range of six themed activities throughout the day - something for everyone in their local area:

0900   Get Active - Join a park run or an hour of exercise in a local green space

1100   Power Hour - take part in a local 'power hour' litter pick (Keep Britain Tidy)

1300   Street party or Picnic Lunch - join with friends/neighbours to celebrate

1500   Thank You for the Music - play or sing-a-long in a UK wide performance with friends, community group or local music group

1700   Cheers for Volunteers - raise a glass or mug, on your own or with family and friends to thank all those who have helped us over the past year

1900   BB Thank-Q - join friends and neighbours for a celebratory BBQ - being led nationally by Levi Roots

Joint Council Leader Andrew Polson added, "We are encouraging all of our communities to take part in whatever way they can – to recognise their own fantastic efforts and the contributions of those around them over the past unprecedented sixteen months.  All of those who have contributed to the efforts in East Dunbartonshire have been magnificent and we truly have something to celebrate. 

“Whilst current guidelines do not permit us to organise any large scale events , We would urge everyone to take part in Thank You Day in whatever way they can – we will once again on 4 July be expressing our thanks and gratitude to our own workforce, our partners, local volunteers and all our communities.”

Starting from just 13 individuals proposing a Thank You Day, the idea is now supported by hundreds of organisations across the country. A website has been created, full of ideas and suggestions and further information on the timetable of activities that everyone is encouraged to join in with.

Visit the thank you day website for more information.

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