Council agrees to consider proposals for new-build Westerton Primary School and wider community facilities

Friday, 16 December, 2022

At its meeting last night (Thursday 15 December), East Dunbartonshire Council agreed that proposals be prepared for a new-build Westerton Primary School, co-located with a new library, community hall and early years facility, following an update on the feasibility of the previously agreed refurbishment of the existing school site.

Council Leader Gordan Low explained, “The preparatory work to refurbish the existing Westerton Primary School has highlighted that it is unfeasible in its current form. The considerable constraints of the current site mean that the phasing of works would take 130 weeks and costs have escalated to be in the region of £17 – £20 million. This is simply not value for money, particularly when officers have advised that the refurbished school would still not be fit for the 21st century.

“Our Council decision to consider the feasibility of a new-build, fit for purpose primary school, incorporating enhanced early years facilities, a modern new library and community hall, and retaining or reprovisioning the play park, would see significant investment and improvement in the area. The council will now engage with the local community to shape the future proposals. The prospect of co-locating the school, nursery, library and hall is very exciting and I am sure that as the plans are developed and we embark on this process of engagement, all involved can work positively towards the delivery of a modern, sustainable campus that will benefit the whole Westerton community.”

Council Officers will now progress feasibility of this new approach, with initial costs estimated at £23 million. Subject to securing approval to progress, the capital programme will be revised in February 2023 to reflect this project, and developments will be reported to a future Council meeting.