Equipment to help you at home

Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre
10 Saramago Street
G66 3BF
Phone: 0141 355 2200

Hours of Service:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm


If you feel you need equipment and/or adaptations in your home to help you please contact the Occupational Therapy team

Types of equipment could include help with

  • getting on/off the toilet;
  • getting in/out of bed;
  • getting in/out of the bath;
  • getting in/out of the chair.

Types of adaptations could include:

  • Support with getting up/down stairs;
  • Support with personal washing.

An Occupational Therapist will visit you and carry out an assessment of your needs. They can advise and make recommendations about what equipment/adaptations would be most useful to you. The type of equipment/adaptation offered to you will depend on your individual needs. Not all equipment/adaptations are suitable for all people.

Occupational Therapy staff may talk to you about mobility, personal care, household tasks, recreational or social activities, employment, education or training - all aspects of life which are important to you.

What happens at the visit?

At the visit, the worker will discuss a range of options with you. These may include:

  • Advice on ways of managing everyday tasks to increase your independence, confidence and skills;
  • Advice for any practical or emotional difficulties you or your carer may be experiencing
  • Information on resources available within the area;
  • Practical solutions to difficulties you are having through the provision of specialised equipment and adaptations to your home.

How quickly will you be visited?

We have a priority system to make sure the service is provided as soon as it can be for the people who need it most. However, there may be a delay in being visited. This is because demands on the service have been increasing.

Examples of people in greatest need include:

  • Terminally ill people;
  • People living alone and at risk;
  • People being discharged from hospital who urgently require assessment.


Ask SARA is an online self-help guide, developed by the Direct Living Foundation to provide information and guidance on a range of equipment that can support assisted living and make tasks around the home easier.