Make life easier

AskSARA – is our free, easy to use self-help website which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides advice and guidance that may help you, or someone you care about, with your health, your home or your daily activities by showing you equipment and solutions that can make your life easier.

How does AskSARA work?

AskSARA – is easy to use.  Simply choose one of the three broad categories and answer the questions.  The categories are:

  • Your health
  • Your home
  • Daily activities

Once completed, you will receive a report with recommendations for advice and support based on your needs. 

In some cases the report may highlight that you would benefit from further assessment.  Further assessment is available through the occupational therapy service 

AskSARA Benefits

The AskSARA website is a self-help tool that aims to improve and increase access to Assistive Technology for people in East Dunbartonshire.  Assistive Technology is the name given to products and solutions that can help people to help themselves. 

AskSARA is for adults of all ages who may benefit from a range of support to make their lives and day-to-day tasks easier.

There is a wide variety of Assistive Technology available that is really simple to use, but people often don’t know what it is they need to help them. AskSARA provides a report with information, advice and guidance that may help.

Visit the AskSARA website