Gritting Information

The Council is responsible for keeping the roads safe in winter and we have a team on 24 hour standby from October to April.  We have 15 gritting lorries with snow plough attachments, one dedicated gritter lorry, one loader vehicle and 10 footway gritters with ploughs.

We check the highways forecasting service and our road sensors three times a day to plan our gritting action.

The new winter season has started and operatives will be on standby to respond to any winter weather. Weather forecasts and gritting actions will be updated on this page each day by 1pm.

Report Date: Wednesday 28/02/2024 - Report Time: 12:00

24 Hour Summary for East Dunbartonshire Council:

General Synopsis:

Cloudy with spells of light rain this afternoon. Staying cloudy with further spells of rain from the west this evening, these heavier. Rain clearing to leave light showers moving in from the west. Road surface temperatures above zero. Bright intervals and further showers tomorrow morning.

Gritting Action:

No Action Required.

Report an issue:

To report a gritting issue or to request that a grit bin is refilled please complete our online form. 

Online gritting form

Requests to replenish a grit bin will be completed within seven days.

Outwith office hours please call us on 0300 123 4510 if the situation is urgent.

During prolonged periods of cold weather we concentrate our gritting operations on our primary routes initially. Once these routes have been treated and are running clear, resources are then diverted to treat our secondary routes. This process is continued until all roads are treated or the weather dissipates. Given the volume of roads within East Dunbartonshire, this process may take several days to complete.

View our gritting routes [opens in a new window]

Gritting routes

Primary routes: cover 67% of the 510km of roads in the area and include:

  • Main roads
  • Bus routes
  • Access to fire, police and ambulance stations
  • Access to hospitals
  • Steep or dangerous roads
  • At least one access road to each school

Secondary routes: cover local and general access roads, less used industrial roads and cul-de-sacs etc, which are only salted during prolonged periods of adverse weather and when resources allow.

Footway gritting

We have specialised gritters for footways and the our priority footway routes include:

  • Main shopping areas
  • Footways at community centres and health centres
  • Footways near sheltered housing and schools
  • Steep or particularly wet footways that create enhanced risk

If freezing conditions are forecast we treat the Primary and Secondary Footway Routes in advance as a precaution.

Grit Bins

We have more than 400 grit bins which we regularly check and refill.  You can view your nearest grit bin. [opens in a new window] 

To view the grit bin map select the pin button shown at the top right hand side of the map as highlighted in yellow below

Grit bin widget highlighted in yellow

Then enter your address as shown below and select your address.

Add address in this box

If you want to request a grit bin in your local area, you can complete the grit bin request form below.

Additional grit

Members of the public can get grit at Broomhill Depot, Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch G661QF and Langfaulds Cemetery, Baljaffray Road, Bearsden. You will need to bring a container and load the grit yourself.

Salt Dome

Our Salt Dome holds up to 5,000 tonnes of salt, keeping it dry to maximise its effectiveness on the roads.