East Dunbartonshire Council is committed to develop an anti-fraud culture among its employees and the public. The Council will seek to ensure that fraud is prevented wherever possible and where detected, it will be thoroughly investigated, overpayments recovered, and consideration given to all civil and criminal disposal options.


The Council has a Fraud Team which is a specialist investigative unit established to investigate allegations of fraud and irregularities.
Fraud within the public sector costs the taxpayer billions of pounds each year. We are committed to a zero tolerance of fraud, corruption, bribery and/or money laundering within or against the council, its partners, contractors and also the community we serve.

We investigate fraud in these areas:

  • Blue Badge
  • Business Rates
  • Council Tax
  • Council Tax Reduction
  • Direct Payments
  • Employee fraud
  • Insurance
  • Procurement
  • Tenancy (unlawful sub-letting, obtaining Housing by deception, unlawful succession, non-residence)

Our Whistleblowing policy provides protection for individuals who identify fraud and explains how the fraud will be investigated.  


You can report fraud by filling in the Report Fraud form or by 
Calling customer services on 0300 123 4510 
Writing to the Corporate Fraud Team, 2-4 West High Street, Kirkintilloch, G66 1AD