Management Responsibilities

In relation to our working environment, management responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring flexibility, openness, and constructiveness in relation to discussions and agreements about hybrid working with employees within their area of responsibility, whilst remaining focused on the needs of the service. 
  • Making arrangements for both regular individual and team meetings, ensuring regular communication is maintained between themselves and team members, providing support for employees and implementing ways of measuring and monitoring work output that have been mutually agreed.
  • That the relevant technology is used to ensure inclusive meetings can be conducted on an inclusive basis i.e. a mixture of physical and virtual attendees involving all available colleagues irrespective of their work location.
  • Setting and monitoring defined performance measures for their team and individual employees in line with the Council’s Performance Development Review (PDR) and regular one to one engagement.
  • Allowing employees who are using their homes to work from to have a right to privacy out of working hours and the ability to separate their working and home lives.
  • Meeting their duties in relation to health and safety by undertaking appropriate risk assessments and acting on any areas of concern for employees who they are responsible for.
  • Jointly discuss with the employee their working style and how this will be achieved. 
  • Ensuring good communication with employees and agree clear communication lines and methods. This includes arrangements for employees to report sickness absence.
  • Regular reviews of the hybrid working arrangements should take place to ensure arrangements are working and delivering required outcomes.