How to work from home

Work from home – Hints and Tips for Employees

Homeworking tips

Homeworking may be a new and unfamiliar process for many employees, during this time our aim is to minimise disruption and maintain a sense of continuity by:

  • making sure your contact numbers and emergency contact details are up to date
  • knowing how to report suspected risk to yourselves from COVID-19 (refer to Employee News updates)
  • avoiding non-essential social contact
  • embracing virtual meetings and video calling
  • participating in short, but regular virtual team meetings
  • keeping up to date with employee communications  via employee news and updates
  • accessing  IT service support where required
  • accessing  support through the Employee Assistance Programme – Time for Talking where required which offers a free 24 hour confidential helpline/support service which can be accessed by all employees.
  • Accessing a range of wellbeing information via the Wellbeing section within the Employee Zone of the website.

Structure your day

  • Make a plan of the work that you are going to do and how you are going to structure your day
  • Be realistic by setting achievable daily goals
  • If you have children at home, set  them a routine too.  Remember, they might need some help with their homework so build this into your routine.
  • Work for 45-60 minute blocks of focused work followed by a short break this will help maintain concentration levels
  • It is difficult to take a break from your laptop if you are worried people might think you are not working as if you would if you were in the office, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take breaks – just because you are at home doesn’t mean you don’t need a proper break to support your wellbeing
  • It is important that you make proper meals and eat well rather than snacking continuously throughout the day then crashing in a sugar slump at 3pm
  • Stay hydrated and drink water regularly
  • Proactively manage things which might interrupt your focus

Keep in touch with people

  • Ensure you still keep up social interaction through telephone and other means
  • Build opportunities for socialising in to your day – keep in contact with colleagues,  pick up the phone rather than using email where this can be done
  • Keeping in touch is an opportunity to maintain relationships
  • Keep in touch with your line manager,
  • Team meetings, contacts and other work activities will offer the change to continue those team relationships and share work challenges.

If you require any additional support, speak to your line manager or a member of the HR team -  


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Contact details for the HR & OD team can also be found on the Hub at: HR & OD Contact List