Employee Responsibilities

In relation to our working environment, our employee responsibilities include:

  • Complying with policies, procedures and protocols in a reasonable, constructive, and appropriate manner.
  • Understanding workstyles and working with their manager on any areas of discussion. When agreeing how this will be achieved, careful consideration should be given to all the necessary requirements to determine how / if their post can adopt a particular style of working.
  • Being open and constructive in discussing and agreeing working arrangements, whilst remaining focused on the needs of service.
  • Maintaining regular contact with their manager and team.
  • Working within the agreed "housekeeping rules" (appropriate work area for working at home etc) and abiding by all the Council Policies whilst working in this way.
  • Optimising meetings to minimise the amount of travel time when working off site.
  • Complying with Health and Safety policy and procedures by participating in and undertaking risk assessments; carrying out any necessary actions to minimise risk; maintaining a safe working environment and taking reasonable care of their own safety.
  • Complying with confidentiality, data protection and internet security policies.
  • Ensure that all reasonable care is taken of all Council supplied equipment.
  • Reporting immediately once known, any loss, theft or damage to Council IT equipment or the loss of confidential information.