Learning and Development

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All sessions listed are being delivered virtually via MS Teams, unless otherwise stated. If you are interested in any of the topics please email peopledevelopment@eastdunbarton.gov.uk to add your name to the next available session.

On this page you will find information on:

Learning & Development topics available for All Employees  

Topic Overview
Application and Interview Support (can also be delivered in person) This session covers the key aspects of completing a competency- based application and preparing for a competency-based interview
Corporate Induction This session covers the key aspects of Corporate Induction, and gives employees an overview of their role and their responsibilities
Developing Personal Resilience

This session explains what personal resilience is and how it impacts on day-to-day performance. It also includes hints and tips for building strategies to develop resilience further.

Fire Warden
(for all employees with a responsibility as Fire Warden)

This session covers the key aspects of legislation and role/ responsibilities in managing fire safety

Fire Evac Chair
(for all employees with a responsibility as Fire Evac Chair handler) - delivered in person

This session will enable delegates to confidently use a fire evacuation chair

Moving & Handling
(for all employees involved in the care services)

This session covers theory on current legislation, risk assessment and spinal function, as well as instruction, practical tasks and assessment on use of moving and handling techniques and safe use of equipment
MS Teams This session demonstrates some of the key functionality of Microsoft Teams, including; online video calls and chats, calendars, online meetings (invites and control bars) and screen sharing
MS OneNote This session demonstrates some of the key functionality of Microsoft OneNote, including; creating notebooks, inserting content and using draw functions
Planning a Positive Retirement

This session is provided by Affinity Connect and is for any employee thinking about retirement in the next 10 years or so. The aim is to help you make informed choices in relation to your retirement. It will help you to plan accordingly and includes advice on how to maximise the benefits of your state and workplace pensions, how to make the most of your tax-free cash and understanding the income options available from your pension, amongst other topics.

REHIS Food Hygiene
(can be delivered via MS Teams or in person)

This one-day session is for anyone who works where food is cooked, prepared or handled and/or who has direct responsibility to prepare and serve food directly to the consumer or service user.There is also a 1/2 day refresher course available on a three-year cycle basis.
SMART Working Introducing the ‘Smart technology for SMART working’ programme to new laptop users - helping to enable employees to deliver intended outcomes and embed SMART working, whilst being better connected
Team Building & Development This session can be designed bespoke to meet the needs of your team. Please contact the People Development team for full details.
Time Management Skills

This session covers the basics of effective time management skills and how best to apply them. Ideal for all, either as a refresher or as a new learning activity.

Learning & Development topics available for People Leaders 

Topic Overview
Coaching Skills The session encourages a climate of continuous learning, support and development through the application of effective coaching techniques during formal and informal interactions within teams.
Dealing with Difficult Conversations This session covers the key aspect of both verbal and non-verbal communication in respect of those more difficult and sometimes avoided conversations

Delegation Skills

This session demonstrates the benefits of effective delegation and helps the learner to prepare appropriately to delegate effectively.

Effective Communications Skills

This session helps the People Leader identify any personal barriers to successful communication and apply methods to eliminate or minimise such barriers. Additionally, consideration is given to how communication, both verbal and written, can be misunderstood and methods to avoid these misunderstandings.

iTrent Managers Self Service (MSS) This session provides a walk-through of the Manager Self Service system, allowing reporting managers and administrators with appropriate access to record completed PDRs and all absences for the purposes of managing employee attendance.

Leading through Change

This session covers why organisational change happens, the impact it can have on the team, and the emotions they may experience. Also included is how best for the People Leader to support the team to minimise the disruption change can have.

Managing Conflict

This session considers why workplace conflict exists, and the causes and triggers of it. It also categorises different levels of conflict to help the People Leader recognise when best to intervene

Mental Health Awareness

This session raises awareness of mental health and common mental illnesses, and gives People Leaders an overview of their role and responsibilities in managing a mentally-healthy workplace.

Performance Management

This session considers typical causes of poor performance and illustrates ways to keep all team members, from ‘poor’ to ‘high’ performers engaged, motivated and challenged in their roles.

What makes a good leader?

This session considers what makes a leader ‘good’ and provides direction to leadership behaviours and practices that have a positive impact.

EDC Policy-Based Learning & Development Topics

Topic Overview
Attendance Management Policy This session covers the key aspects of the Attendance Management Policy, and an overview of the role and responsibilities of both the employee and People Leader within it.
Conducting Meaningful PDRs This session covers the key aspects of the PDR process, including timescales, and an overview of the role and responsibilities of both the employee and People Leader within it.
Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy This session covers the key aspects of the Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy and an overview of the role and responsibilities of both the employee and People Leader within it.
Discipline & Grievance Policy This session covers the key aspects of the Discipline & Grievance Policy and an overview of the role and responsibilities of both the employee and People Leader within it.
Recruitment & Selection (for all employees involved in the recruitment of new employees)

This session covers the key aspects of the Recruitment & Selection Policy and gives those involved in the recruitment process an overview of their role and their responsibilities.

EDC Moodle Learning Hub

All corporate users (who have an email address and access to a Council device) are being invited to access the new EDC Learning Hub – Moodle Workplace, which provides a range of user-friendly, work-related resources.

Online courses are available on subjects such as Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Safety, Information and Security, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Workplace Skills.

More will be added on a regular basis – aimed at employees of all grades.

Each course provides bite-sized chunks of information and is designed to be completed within an average of 20 minutes.

Corporate users can work through e-learning courses online and, on completion, will be awarded a course badge to form part of their training record.

The system is designed to be flexible, giving colleagues the chance to achieve allocated and development training goals at their own pace.

Employees who are accessing training courses should liaise with their line manager in advance to discuss training needs inline with PDR conversation and service needs.

Work is ongoing as regards access to learning materials for employees who do not have email addresses and/or direct access to a Council device.

The EDC Moodle Learning Hub replaces the former platform Brightwaves, previously provided by Clyde Valley Learning Development Group.

Alternatively, you can access via the EDC Moodle icon in EDC Apps.

We’ve prepared a guide to help you log into the EDC Moodle Learning Hub – visit the log-in support webpage (opens in new window).

For more information on how to access courses, check out our online guide (opens in new window).

If you have any questions about the EDC Learning Hub, please contact peopledevelopment@eastdunbarton.gov.uk

For more information on Learning and Development resources, Visit the Employee Zone webpage on Learning and Development

If you have any learning and development needs that are not covered by the topics listed, please contact us via peopledevelopment@eastdunbarton.gov.uk as we will be more than happy to discuss bespoke sessions to meet your needs, whether through internal or external provision.

We are currently reviewing our eLearning provision and plan to have this up and running in coming months. For any queries in relation to courses usually offered via this means - eg Governance & Compliance based topics - please get in touch via peopledevelopment@eastdunbarton.gov.uk to discuss alternatives.