The Council is wholly committed to preventing bribery and corruption in all its dealings and relationships, and upholding all relevant laws, including the Bribery Act 2010. Bribery and corruption in any form are unacceptable and will lead to disciplinary action where allegations are substantiated. The Council operates a zero tolerance approach to these matters.

The Anti-Bribery Policy sets out key principles to achieve these aims, and details the Council’s corporate and employee responsibilities required to ensure compliance with the Act.  The policy should be read in conjunction with the Council’s suite of policies and procedures in this area initiating with the Employee Code of Conduct. This Policy also provides information and guidance for employees on how to prevent, recognise and deal with bribery and corruption issues.  This Policy applies to all employees and covers all activities undertaken by the Council.

In all dealings with third parties, the Council will promote the adoption of practices and arrangements consistent with the principles set out in this policy. 

Gifts, offers of hospitality or favours from or to a third party, a contractor, client or partner organisation of the Council are capable of being perceived as constituting a bribe.

Therefore, all employees, or associated person, a or any person on their behalf, should never accept or offer a gift, hospitality, favour or any other form of inducement, or promise of above, which may influence or be perceived as influencing actions or decisions related to their employment.

In certain limited circumstances, and in connection with official duties, it may be appropriate for an employee to receive gifts of low value or small tokens of gratitude, such as merchandise / branded items which have been designed for the purpose of being given away e.g. pens, post-its etc. Similarly, small gifts such as sweets etc. e.g. given to a team at Christmas will be acceptable

Other than the small gifts, as indicated above, all offers of gifts and hospitality, whether refused or accepted, must be recorded by completing 

Repot your concerns
If you have any concerns, with regards to Bribery, these can be reported   
Online at whistleblowing
Email to
Write to our Corporate Fraud Team, William Patrick Library, 2-4 West High Street, Kirkintilloch, G66 1AD.