UK Parliamentary Boundary Review

2018 Review of UK Parliamentary Constituencies – Initial Proposals - Boundary Commission for Scotland

In June 2016 the Boundary Commissions across the UK, simultaneously commenced their Review of UK Parliamentary Constituencies where the numbers of MPs are being reduced from 650 to 600.

In Scotland it is proposed to have 53 UK Parliamentary Constituencies / MPs instead of 59.

Revised Proposals - 17 October 2017

The revised proposals are based on the initial proposals and the responses received to the consultations (Oct 16 to Jan 17 and Feb 17 to March 17) on those initial proposals

Proposals as they affect East Dunbartonshire:-

Dunbartonshire East County Constituency [Electorate 76,303] will comprise existing EDC wards (all of Ward 1,Wards 3 -7) and a portion of Ward 2 – Bearsden North and

Dunbartonshire West County Constituency will comprise all of West Dunbartonshire and the balance of Ward 2 – Bearsden North.

There are significant changes from the initial proposals including:-

the Constituency names and

the portion of East Dunbartonshire included within Dunbartonshire West.

In these revised proposals the area of Bearsden North to be included in Dunbartonshire West is smaller in terms of electorate (5,700 approx) and also by geographical area.

This section of Bearsden North is shown in the maps on the Boundary Commission Scotland website and described below:-

  • Bounded north and south by Wards 1 and 3 (Milngavie & Bearsden South, respectively).
  • To the west by the EDC /WDC boundary and
  • To the east by – everything west of Drymen Road from Bearsden Cross to the A809 junction. Then by everything west of Stockiemuir Road to the boundary with Ward 1 Milngavie at the Mains Plantation and everything south of the Milngavie / Bearsden North boundary running west to the EDC/WDC boundary.

The consultation on these revised proposals commences on 17 October to 11 December 2017 see the Get Involved Section below to express your views

Initial Proposals – 20 October 2016

Proposals as they affect East Dunbartonshire:–
Milngavie & Kirkintilloch County Constituency [Electorate 71,594] (will comprise all of the new Wards 3 to Ward 7, part of Ward 1 and a small part of Ward 2) and
West Dunbartonshire & Bearsden North County Constituency (will include the balance of Ward 1 to the west of A809 and the majority of Ward 2)

Following the conclusion of the 12 week consultation and the 5 Public Hearings on their initial proposals for UK Parliamentary Constituencies across Scotland, The Boundary Commission for Scotland will publish all comments received, and the transcripts of the Public Hearings, on their website. They will then hold a further 4 week secondary consultation period, when you will be able to submit comments to them on any of that material. 

After the secondary consultation period, all the evidence received will be considered. If it is decided to alter the Initial Proposals, the Boundary Commission for Scotland will publish the resulting Revised Proposals for an 8 week public consultation period during 2017.

Get involved

How to comment on these proposals:-

In writing: 


Boundary Commission for Scotland
Thistle House
91 Haymarket Terrace
Edinburgh EH12 5HD




Consultation Portal:  

0131 244 2001


This consultation closed in December 2017.  The final recommendations are published here.

After the consultation period on the Revised Proposals, Final Recommendations will be developed which will then be submitted in a report to the Secretary of State.