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Tom Johnston ChambersWelcome to East Dunbartonshire Council's Committee Document Management System. Here you will find details of the meetings of the Council and its strategic service committees and the public documents associated with those meetings.  These include agendas, reports and minutes since the creation of the Council in April 1996. Confidential items are not available.

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Meetings of the Council, Committees, Boards etc are generally held in the Tom Johnston Chambers, 12 Strathkelvin Place, Kirkintilloch. The Chambers can accommodate 15 - 20 members of the public in the public gallery.

General Information

Our Committee year runs from August to the end of the following June (for example Aug 2023 - June 2024). The Council operates an eight-weekly cycle of committee meetings, so there are six cycles per committee year. In addition sub-committees, boards and panels are called as and when required. Please remember to check for any changes or alterations to strategic committee minutes made at the following Council meeting and recorded in the minute of that (full Council) meeting.

Why would I use the system?

This system is a great reference library of items considered by the Council since 1996. This may be useful if you are trying to find background information on a current topic or just for general curiosity about current or previous Council decisions.

What can I search?

The majority of information on Council and service committees is available, including agendas, reports and minutes.

How do I use the system?

If you know what meeting you wish to view and the date it took place, select the diary and turn to the appropriate page. Select the entry and view the related documents.

Alternatively there is a powerful search facility in the system. It can search for a single word(s) across all published records; it can search all minutes if you know specific minute details (date, committee meeting etc); or it can search for reports if the information you have is specific report information (report number, title etc). The published minutes and reports for each committee are inked so you can move from a minute to related reports/agenda and vice versa. The link is called related documents and is usually at the foot of the document you're viewing.

The more information you have about what you are searching for will make the search results quicker and more specific.

Example - I would like to know about the Council's 21st Century Government Plan.   A search for "Plan" or "Government" would reveal a large number of results including the one you're looking for, however a search for "21st Century" may be more specific, with "21st Century Government Plan" being the optimum search and result. Once you have the result you're looking for and have entered the document, select "Edit" and "Find (on this page)" or CTRL + F, to find your search within that document.

For further information or general enquiries on committee business please contact us