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Community Information - Clubs, Groups and Societies
Whilst East Dunbartonshire Council is able to provide a noticeboard service for the placing of private adverts, it must be stressed that it is the responsibility of the individual to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the services being accessed. It is for the individual to ensure that appropriate standards are met. Where children are involved, the parent or guardian must consider child protection issues where children may be in classes, clubs, events or having individual or group tuition. It is for the parent or guardian to ensure the child`s safety by checking that any parties offering services have had the appropriate background and criminal record checks and are suitably qualified.

For the avoidance of doubt East Dunbartonshire Council do not investigate the backgrounds of those who place the adverts or verify the validity of the contents of the adverts. Consequently, the Council does not endorse any service or activity being offered privately or the parties offering them. The aim of East Dunbartonshire Council in facilitating the placement of private adverts is to create awareness only for customers and is not a guarantee as to the quality or suitability of what is being advertised.


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