Road opening permit Section 56

If you wish to excavate under any public road, footway or footpath, you must have a valid road opening permit from the Council.

Applications should be submitted prior to the proposed start date according to the type of work lead in time noted below. You must comply with the conditions and specifications made by the Council in your permit.

Download the road opening permit form 

Form Completion

The above completed form should be sent together with proposed traffic/pedestrian management plan, copy of Liability Insurance and copy of valid Operative Streetworks, directly to the Roadworks webmail

Type of Works:

Minor Works

To qualify as minor works the works must:

(a) not be emergency or urgent works, and
(b) not be of a planned duration of more than 3 days, and
(c) not form part of a rolling programme, and
(d) not involve at any one time more than 30 metres of works or 20 square metres of reinstatement, or leave less than the minimum width of carriageway necessary for one-way traffic in accordance with the Code of Practice for Safety at Street Works and Road Works

Standard Works These are road works which are not emergency works, urgent works, minor works or major works.
Major Works Major Works means road works by a works promoter (other than minor works):
  • which have been identified specifically in the Works Promoter's annual operating programme or which, if not specifically identified in that programme, are normally planned at least six months in advance of work commencing;
  • where an order is required under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 for any works other than emergency works;
  • other than emergency works and urgent works, in a multi lane road (more than one lane in each direction) that is traffic sensitive where one or more lanes are closed to enable the works to take place; or
  • other than emergency works, which have a duration in excess of 10 days and for which traffic control is required for three or more of those days, in accordance with the Code of Practice "Safety at Street Works and Road Works".

Lead in times:

Minor Works - Require a minimum of 1 calendar week.

Standard Works – Require a minimum of 4 calendar weeks.

Major Works – Require a minimum of 3 calendar months.


Minor Works - £136

Standard Works - £267/month

Major Works - £627/month

Fees will be invoiced once the works have been approved and added to the Roadworks register.

No works to start until a Road Opening Permit has been granted and stamped permit received.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure compliance at all times.

Failure to comply with section 56 conditions or non-payment of fees will result in being removed from the public road and any making safe or reinstatement being recharged.