Care Homes and Residential Nursing Care

Residential or nursing home care may not be the only way we can meet your needs.

You or your carer have probably only thought about a care home because it is becoming harder and harder for you to manage in your own home.

You may be in hospital wondering if you can return home. However, the Council works very closely with GPs, Community Nurses and other NHS staff to keep people living as independently as possible.

There are many other ways you can get the support you need and still be able to live in your own home. These include homecare, daycare and respite care (a break for you and your carer) as well as a wide range of equipment, adaptations to your house and community alarms to allow you to summon help. We can arrange for you to be assessed and services provided to meet your needs within the resource we have available.

Choosing a care home

Growing older can mean you are not always able to do as much for yourself as you need to, or would like to. Fortunately Social Work has a wide variety of services which can provide the kind of help you need to stay in your home.

Before deciding what help is right for you, a social worker will carry out a Community Care Assessment which involves talking to you and possibly your family, friends or other people who know about your life and your present circumstances. This assessment will show what kind of service you need. If it is agreed that you do need to leave your home to be cared for by others then the assessment will also say which kind of home is best for you.

Care homes within East Dunbartonshire:

Remember – you can choose a home outwith East Dunbartonshire if you prefer. All of the above are nursing homes, some specialise in dementia care.

If you hope to receive help from the Council with paying the home’s fees, then the community care assessment, plus an assessment of your finances, must be done.

To obtain information and advice on the Social Work Department’s services, you should contact the Adult Intake Team by phoning 0141 355 2200

Inspections and inspection reports

In line with the Regulation of Care ( Scotland ) Act 2001, the Care Inspectorate has been responsible for the registration and inspection of care homes in Scotland.

The Care Inspectorate can be contacted at 0141 843 4280 or alternatively you can visit their website.  Recent inspection reports on all registered care services including care homes, are available. 

Which home?

Detailed information on each home in East Dunbartonshire is also available from any social work office. Most homes will be very pleased to give you information about their services or welcome you to visit and see them for yourself. Some are also happy to have you stay for a short time before making up your mind.  If you decide after a time that the home you have chosen is not right for you then you are free to leave, or move to another home. You are also free to go on holiday at any time.

Select the Scottish Government booklet for further information on moving into a care home.

Visiting homes

You should arrange to visit the homes that you are most interested in. You cannot find out everything you need to know from phone conversations, brochures or reports. Visiting the home will give you a chance to meet staff and residents, and talk to them about the home.

It is essential that you are happy in the home you choose to live in. You are making an important decision and you should not feel that you are being nosy or awkward when you are asking questions or finding out exactly what happens about things which might seem unimportant but will affect you every day.

It is probably a good idea to take a relative or friend with you when you visit a home so that you can compare impressions. Take your time when you visit. Staff who seem to be rushing you or make you feel that you are taking up too much of their time are giving you a message about their home.

You can currently get reports about any home you are interested in from either the homes themselves or from the Care Inspectorate.

Most people find it helpful to consider the following:

Identify your priorities:

  • What level of care do you need?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What facilities need to be available?
  • What can you afford?
  • Identify homes you would like to visit

Ask questions:

  • How is the care home run?
  • What is it like?
  • Are the staff friendly?
  • Do other residents enjoy staying there?
  • What is the food like?
  • Can you redecorate your room?
  • Can a visitor stay over?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What activities are available?

Financial assistance

Potential care home residents who do not have sufficient income or capital to meet the costs of care provided within a care home setting can request financial assistance from the local authority and the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP).

Care Home Support Team

The Care Home Support team is an integrated multi-disciplinary team that provide liaison services to care homes in East Dunbartonshire. The team includes care home liaison nurses, community psychiatric nurses, social workers, a dietician and a pharmacy technician.  The objective of the team is to support care homes by promoting best practice and providing specialist input to ensure that all residents receive high quality care. Care home staff can refer to the team directly as required. Should you wish to raise concerns regarding the care or safety of a care home resident please contact the team on 0141 355 2200.