Training and resources

Team Aims

The public health improvement team aim to build and strengthen the capacity of staff and partners to improve health and tackle health inequalities.

The team plan and support a number of training opportunities taking place at a wide range of venues across East Dunbartonshire.  Courses are available for health, local authority, education and voluntary sector staff and can be tailored for a particular organisation when demand is sufficient. 

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Health Behaviour Change

Lifestyle choices like what we eat, how active we are, the amount of alcohol we drink, if we smoke and life circumstances e.g. finances etc have a significant effect on the health of individuals and communities. Many of us in our day to day work have the opportunity to talk with our client group about lifestyle choices and how they affect health and wellbeing.  

Health behaviour change training provides a basic understanding of the issues around assisting service users to make lifestyle choices, how to raise the issue of making a health behaviour change and recommendations and services for signposting. 

Available as both a 1 hour and 4 hour training course, and can be tailored to include a bolt on topic in many areas of health improvement including: cancer prevention, tobacco, second hand smoke, financial inclusion and social prescribing.

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Alcohol General Awareness

A half day training course suitable for health, social care & voluntary organisation staff who work in the community in non addictions settings who wish to increase their knowledge and awareness of alcohol issues. This is an introductory level course.

Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABI)

This course is designed to support the embedding and ongoing delivery of Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABIs).

It is suitable for anyone who might benefit from being able to discuss alcohol with service users, to help them make an informed choice about their alcohol use.

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the need for ABIs
  • be able to screen for alcohol use
  • understand the stages of an ABI
  • assess service user readiness to discuss alcohol, and to respond appropriately
  • understand the need for and process of recording ABI delivery.

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Breastfeeding Friendly Nursery Award

The Breastfeeding Friendly Nursery Award raises awareness of and supports early learning and childcare centres to support breastfeeding by providing;

  • A welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families.
  • Resources which reflect breastfeeding as the cultural norm
  • Information on the benefits of breastfeeding and support informed choice in relation to breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Welcome Award

The Breastfeeding Welcome Award recognises any public place that promotes an environment where breastfeeding is seen as the normal way to feed infants and young children.

The BFWA training ensures staff are aware of;

  • Policies & Legislation
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families
  • Breastfeeding & return to work

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Prevention & education for schools and youth providers

We provide a range of CPD sessions and resources to support staff delivering health and wellbeing to children and young people (early level to senior phase).

Topics include:

  • Substance Misuse Toolkit
  • Tobacco prevention
  • Alcohol and building resilience
  • HPV vaccination and lesson plans
  • Sun awareness
  • Detect Cancer early
  • Keeping myself safe

The Substance Misuse Toolkit is an online resource which contains quality assured substance misuse education resources to support staff working with children and young people in both education and community settings.  Resources include lessons plans, resource packs and relevant websites.

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Mental Health

A suite of training opportunities are available covering topics such as positive mental health, self harm, mental health stigma, recovery, suicide prevention and mental health inequalities.

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Health Improvement Resource Library

A variety of resources are available for you to borrow free of charge for use with your learners.  We are also happy to provide guidance on how to get the best use out of the resources you use and provide support for new staff. 

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