Disabled Persons’ Parking Bay

A disabled persons’ parking bay is an area marked on the road to show that the space has been reserved for use by disabled persons who are blue badge holders.

The provision of a disabled persons’ parking bay is intended for those who:

  • hold a current Blue Badge (Disabled Person’s Parking Badge); and
  • do not have access to any off road parking; and
  • have use of a vehicle that is registered at their address; and
  • would otherwise find it impossible to walk the distance between the vehicle and their home.

It should be noted that disabled persons’ parking bays are available for use by any blue badge holder and not just the applicant.

Eligibility Criteria – who can apply for a Disabled Persons’ Parking Bay

In order to be eligible for installation of a disabled persons’ parking bay, a person must:

  • be a current blue badge holder, and
  • have access to a vehicle suitable for their carriage which must be registered at their address.

How to apply for a disabled persons’ parking bay

Applicants require to complete an application form and provide documentation as follows:-

  • Copy of driving licence and vehicle registration document (V5C), or
  • Copy of driving licence and either motability lease agreement or insurance document

To complete an application form you can:

  • download an application form from this page
  • visit one of our Community Hubs to request an application form
  • phone the Blue Badge/Disabled Parking Bay Team on 0300 1234510 to request an application form.

The form should be completed and taken to one of our Community Hubs along with the required documents. Colleagues at the Hubs will be able to copy your documents free of charge.

Assistance and advice regarding completion of the form are available at any of our Community Hubs or by contacting the Blue Badge/Disabled Parking Bay Team on the above telephone number.

What happens next?

On receipt of the completed application form, the Blue Badge/Parking Bay Team will check the completed paperwork and verify the blue badge and driving licence details. If the application meets all the criteria, a recommendation will be forwarded to the Roads Service.

The Roads Service will decide whether it is possible to identify a suitable on road parking place from which there is convenient access to the applicant's address.  A disabled persons’ parking bay will not be provided where it is deemed such provision would compromise safe and efficient traffic management.

A disabled persons’ parking bay would not be permitted for the following reasons:-

  1. When the local authority determines we do not have the power to make a disabled street parking order for the preferred location for a bay.  (i.e. when a bay is requested on private land).
  2. When the requested location for a bay does not provide convenient access to the residence of the person holding a blue badge.
  3. Where the car used by the applicant is owned by an individual who resides elsewhere.
  4. Where the bay is requested on roads which have a no-waiting order e.g. yellow lines on the carriageway.
  5. Where the bay requested would be on a busy main road, close to a junction or within a turning area.