Autism spectrum services

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a range of related lifelong developmental conditions. People with these conditions often experience high anxiety levels and have difficulty coping with stress. They may also have sensory issues, such has high sensitivity to noise.  People on the spectrum all have difficulties with social interactionsuch as a lack of understanding and awareness of other people's emotions and feelings.  There may be an inability to start conversations or to take part in them appropriately. Some people on the spectrum are slow to develop speech. 

People with these conditions have often developed set routines of behaviour, and can be upset if the routines are broken.

We have a local autism strategy, East Dunbartonshire Autism Strategy 2014 - 2024 which can be viewed in the attached documents section.

We provide a range of both in-house and external services to provide support to individuals with autism.  

Services from organisations such as the National Autistic Society and Scottish Autism can include some housing support, day services and respite for adults and children.  Access is normally arranged through a care manager in social work.  We also purchase respite and day services from the OREMS service in Kirkintilloch, specifically for adults with an ASD.

In-house services which provide support include:

  • The Joint Learning Disability Team (JLDT) - supports individuals with an ASD through social workers, community nurses, occupational therapy and psychology and psychiatry, as appropriate (anyone accessing this team must also have a learning disability) 
  • The Community Mental Health Team - supports individuals with Asperger’s without the expectation that there be any accompanying mental illness
  • Autism specific groups in our adult day services Outlook and Kelvinbank - anyone accessing these services should also have a diagnosed learning disability
  • Local Area Co-ordinators - support individuals in areas such as employment and socialising (eg. Local Area Co-ordinators have set up a musical group for young people on the autism spectrum)

For further information regarding these services please contact us.

Alternatively, you can call Customer Services on 0300 123 4510 and request the Team you would like to speak to.

  • Children with Additional Support Needs
  • Joint Learning Disability Team
  • Community Mental Health Team
  • Learning Disability Day Services
  • Local Area Coordinators