Autism spectrum services

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a range of related lifelong developmental conditions. To receive a diagnosis of autism, the person must present with differences in areas of social interaction, language and communication, flexibility of thought and also sensory processing. It is important to remember that everyone is affected differently by their autism and no one person is the same.

If you would like more information about autism, you can look on the websites for either the National Autistic Society or Scottish Autism

Scottish Autism also have an Autism Advice Line which you can call if you have any questions or would like any specific information – 01259 222 022 

In East Dunbartonshire, the Local Area Co-ordinators (LACs) work closely with people on the autistic spectrum and their families. You can contact them for signposting to local services and supports, as well as 1:1 work for those over 14 years old and a parent and carer forum open to people at any age and any stage of the diagnosis process. The LAC’s can also provide you with information for those considering pursuing a diagnosis of autism while living within East Dunbartonshire. For more information about the Local Area Co-ordination service, please see their webpage -The local area co-ordinators

If the person also has an additional diagnosis of a learning disability, they could be eligible for more formal support through the social work department. If you would like more information on this, you can contact the Joint Learning Disability Team on 0141 355 2200/304 7450.

East Dunbartonshire has its own regional autism strategy (2014-2024) which can be viewed in the ‘documents’ section. The council’s autism strategy working group meet on a bi-monthly basis to oversee the objectives and outcomes of the strategy. In addition to this, the ‘autism community group’ consists of local autistic residents who meet monthly to discuss subjects relating to the autism strategy so they can directly provide their input and feedback into council initiatives.

For further information regarding these services please contact us.

Alternatively, you can call Customer Services on 0300 123 4510 and request the Team you would like to speak to.

  • Children with Additional Support Needs
  • Joint Learning Disability Team
  • Community Mental Health Team
  • Learning Disability Day Services
  • Local Area Coordinators