Additional support needs Activity Groups

Social groups within East Dunbartonshire

Below is a list of some activity and social groups within East Dunbartonshire for individuals with Additional Support Needs.




Contact Details

The Sporting Aces

Multi-sports at recreational level for people with a Learning disability and/or Autism in Kirkintilloch. Groups for ages 5+, all sessions are free.

Allwyn Crawford –

Kirkintilloch ‘Friday club’

Social club on Fridays 7-9pm at Hillhead community centre, Kirkintilloch. Different activities every week eg. karaoke, tea party, quizzes, Halloween party etc.

(Facebook search) ‘The Friday Club Kirkintilloch’

Local area co-ordinators – 0141 578 2142 or Eilidh Swatton (group leader) – 07847 225 284

Wednesday night ED club

Similar to the Friday club but on a Wednesday night at Kelvinbank resource centre from 6:30-9pm, run by Real Life Options


Isobel Aiton – 07726 695 803 or

M.A.G.S.S. ( ‘Manga, Anime, Games and Sci-fi Society)

An informal social group to talk about shared interests in M.A.G.S, meeting on the first Tuesday of every month in Kirkintilloch from 5-6pm


Local area co-ordinators – 0141 578 2142

Gardening group

Gardening group for those with a Learning disability and/or Autism, starting again in Spring 2020.


Local area co-ordinators – 0141 578 2142

Sounds of the Gallery band

Band based in Kirkintilloch for those with a Learning Disability and/or Autism, meeting every Wednesday from 2-4pm.


Local area co-ordinators – 0141 578 2142

Womens group

Monthly group for females with an ASN to meet and socialise, taking part in various activities across East Dunbartonshire & Glasgow


Local area co-ordinators – 0141 578 2142

Supper club

Cooking group for those with a Learning disability and/or Autism meeting on a Thursday afternoon at Hillhead Community centre. Must complete ‘Good food, good health’ course before attending group.


Local area co-ordinators – 0141 578 2142

Walking group

Local walks around Kirkintilloch from 11-12 every Friday starting from the Kirkintilloch leisure centre


Local area co-ordinators – 0141 578 2142


A supported youth group service for teenagers with an ASD ages 12-18 in East Dunbartonshire run by the National Autistic Society.

(Google search) ‘National Autistic Society Scotland Teenscene’

Anna Williamson – 0141 221 8090 or

Aye can dae activities

Wellbeing workshops and activities for adults with an ASN including music/dance classes and social opportunities

Eilidh Swatton – 07847 225 284 or

EDICT Autism-specific groups

Creative art groups for people with an ASN in East Dunbartonshire

0141 578 0251 or

Disability sport finder

Website to search for sporting activities within your local area for those with a disability

A range of social groups for specific interests in Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire (ie. anime fans, walking groups, dancing groups, music lovers etc.) Has some ASD-specific meetup groups.



Sessions for those with an ASD in East Dunbartonshire including Lego therapy, group activities and Playscheme. Targeted at younger children but open to all ages.

June Grindley – 07981 656 184 or

Autism links befriending

Befriending scheme for people with a disability in East Dunbartonshire

(Google search) ‘East Dunbartonshire befriending service Autism links’

Moira Hutchison – 0141 578 6680

Creative Sparks theatre arts

All-inclusive arts school with classes in acting, singing and dancing in East Dunbartonshire. Ages 5-18

(Google search) ‘Creative sparks theatre arts East Dunbartonshire’

Jennifer McDonald – 07828 731 407 or

Active schools ASN opportunities

Booklet containing details of sports opportunities for those with an ASN in East Dunbartonshire for ages 4+.

Contact active schools co-ordinators for a copy of the booklet or more information


or 0141 777 3023


Twinkle tots

Play sessions for pre-school children with an ASN meeting every Thursday at Hillhead community centre Kirkintilloch from 1:15pm-2:15pm.


Carol Coia – 07889 456 576 or

Campsie View Friday Fun

Play sessions for children under 2 years old with complex medical and learning needs. New attendees must be referred by a health professional


Moira Jones – 0141 955 2339

Contact point social groups

Social interaction groups twice a week in Kirkintilloch

0141 776 4391 or

NAS social programmes

Social groups across Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire for people with Autism

(Google search) ‘National Autistic Society social programmes’


Speech Language Communication Company youth group

Social groups for people between 11-18 years old who struggle with speech, language and communication, based in Bearsden

(Facebook search) ‘SLCo’

Laura – 07525 852 853 or

Speech Language Communication Company ‘Get a buddy’

Befriending service for people aged 17-24 with severe speech and language difficulties, based in Bearsden or 01382 202 644

ENABLE social groups

A range of groups across East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow or 01698 737 000

Some popular groups in Glasgow city -

Riding for the disabled

Horse riding sessions for people with disabilities of all ages, based in Summerston or 0141 945 1369

Dates n mates

A range of social groups for people with a Learning Disability over 18 years old eg. club nights, karaoke, speed dating, quiz nights, bowling etc.

0141 427 2957 or

Paragon music

Inclusive opportunities in music, dance and theatre classes

0141 354 0234 or

Project ability

2 different art groups – ‘Aspire’ for people 18+ with learning difficulties to work on their own art project, and ‘Reconnect’ for people who are suffering from ill mental health

0141 552 2822 or


An inclusive dance company based at the Pearce institute or 0141 552 3555

Glasgow Disability Alliance

Weekly social groups open to anyone with an ASN, including creative writing, mindfulness, languages and tai chi (among others)

0141 556 7103 or























































































If you know of any changes to the groups or know of any other groups which should be included in this list then please contact Local Area Co-ordinators (LAC’s) for East Dunbartonshire George Burt, Ashleigh Grant-Ng or Hannah Murray.

This list will be updated regularly. If you would like to be sent the most recent copy then either contact LAC’s or google search ‘East Dunbartonshire Council disability services’ where you can download a copy.

(There is also a parent and carers forum in Kirkintilloch every 2 months for parents or carers who have a responsibility for someone with Autism. Each session there is a guest speaker from a range of backgrounds, and a chance to network with peers and share information. If you would like to come along then please contact LAC’s for details of the next meeting). 

Local Area Co-ordinators for East Dunbartonshire

Local Area Co-ordinator lead for Glasgow