Ward 4 - Declaration of Results

Declaration of Results Report

This report is the Declaration of Results script for Returning Officer.

Contest Name  Ward 4 - Bishopbriggs North & Campsie

I will now declare the result of the election in the Ward 4 - Bishopbriggs North & Campsie. There are 4 Councillors to be

The electorate was 15,642 and the number of ballot papers received was 8,202 giving a percentage turnout of 52.4%. There
were 130 rejected ballot papers. The quota of votes for a candidate to be elected was 1,615.

The number of first preference votes for each of the candidates was:

First Preference Votes

Candidate Name Affiliation Number or First Preference Votes
Paul FERRETTI Scottish National Party (SNP) 2,130
Paul GALLACHER Scottish Family Party Pro - Party, Pro-Marriage, Pro - Life 164
Alan HARRIS Alba Party for Independence 121
Billy HENDRY Scottish Conservative and Unionist 1,495
Collette MCDIARMID Labour and Co-operative Party 1,674
Gary PEWS Scottish Liberal Democrats  1,229
Elizabeth ROWAN Scottish Greens Think Global Act Local 410
Lynda WILLIAMSON Scottish National Party (SNP) 849
Total   8,072

Elected Councillors

After application of the Election Rules, I declare that the following are elected as Councillors for the Ward 4 - Bishopbriggs North & Campsie:

Candidate Name Affiliation Stage at which Candidate was Elected
Paul FERRETTI Scottish National Party (SNP) 1
Billy HENDRY Scottish Conservative and Unionist  7
Colette MCDIARMID Labour and Co-operative Party 1
Lynda WILLIAMSON Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) 7

Rejected Ballot Papers

Of the total ballot papers, the following were rejected and not counted on account of:

2011 Order Rule 44 (1) Adjudication Rejection Reason Number
(a) Which does not bear a unique identifying mark in a form that is capable of being read by electrical means 0
(b) On which a number standing alone is not place so as to indicate a first preference for some candidate 7
(c) On which the figure "1" standing alone indicating a first preference is set opposite the name of more than one candidate 105
(d) On which anything is written or marked by which the voter can be identified except the printed number and other unique identifying mark on the back 0
(e) Which is unmarked or void for uncertainty 18
Total   130