Campsie Fells

Standing guard between the broad farmlands of the Carse of Stirling and the northern fringes of the City of Glasgow, by-passed by major roads, the Campsies provide an oasis of tranquillity hidden away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The main attraction of the hills today is their unspoilt peace and beauty. Pleasant rambles can be enjoyed along woodland trails, valleys and hilltops. There are also excellent picnic spots, with panoramic views. Spectacular beauty and varied wildlife is there to appreciate, with a treasure trove of historical anecdotes waiting to be uncovered in local villages. 

Visiting the Campsies

Clachan of Campsie, with its craft shops, historic graveyard and scenic glen, is well worth a visit.  Campsie Glen was once famous for its accessibility, a local laird having thrown it open to local working folk, on point of principle. From Lennoxtown walkers can ramble over the famous Crow Road to Fintry, pausing at the car park above Campsie Glen to enjoy the view, before sampling the waters of Jamie Wright's Well, a little farther on. From the car park it is also possible to access the hilltop, by means of a gentle pathway to the summit at Crichton's Cairn.