Technical Notes 2021, Issue 72 - Annual Performance Review – Information relating to missed bins for the period 2020/21

Report by: 
Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive – Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets
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Annual Performance Review – Information relating to missed bins for the period 2020/21
Responsible Officer: 
Paul Curran, Executive Officer – Neighbourhood Services
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This technical note follows a request for further information regarding the breakdown of  missed waste collections as highlighted by the Customer Services Annual Performance Overview 2020/21 EPB/023/21/NMcN at the recent Council meeting on 17th June 2021. 

In order to establish an accurate figure, in the total bins set out for the year, there is a requirement to take into consideration service suspensions through the pandemic, and used set out/participation rates per service, rather than how many properties the service requires to visit per route. 

The table below highlights the total number of uplifts undertaken by bin type, the total missed uplifts for the year and the percentage of bins missed for each collection type. In total the average missed collection equates to around 0.21% of all uplifts undertaken over the 2020/21 reporting period.


Grey - General

Brown - Recycling

Blue - Recycling

Green - Garden

Food - Caddy


2020/21 - Total Annual Service Set Out 







2020/21 - Total Missed 







2020/21 - % Missed







In line with routine operations, the Service will experience missed bins, it is common across the industry.  There will be an element of actual bins missed by the crew in error, residents who will phone when bins have not been presented at the time of collections, or residents require additional capacity, and then the standard day to day operational challenges of road works, access issues for lanes and cul-de-sac locations, operational challenges such as vehicle breakdowns and inclement weather restrictions where services require to be suspended or stood down for safety reasons.

The ongoing pandemic has been challenging in respect to new drivers / staff acting up as drivers and mixing up routes to allow the service to continue and sustain services, all whilst ensuring the safety of the team.  It has been evident that the service has experienced an increase in missed assisted collections as a result of these service changes, however this has been highlighted and monitored weekly through the Technical Support team which has led to further improvements in this area.

Whilst the missed collection figure is slightly higher than in previous years, given the major disruption to services and availability of resources during the pandemic, the figure of 0.21% collections missed through this period is a testament to the commitment and work of the service management and our team in keeping the service running throughout the pandemic. A commitment which we have seen demonstrated across all Council service teams.


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