Technical Notes 2021, Issue 36 - Housing, Health & Care Forum Meeting – 31st May 2021

Report by: 
Ann Davie, Depute Chief Executive – Education People & Business
TN Number: 
Housing, Health & Care Forum Meeting – 31st May 2021
Responsible Officer: 
Karen M Donnelly, Chief Solicitor & Monitoring Officer, Legal & Democratic Services
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Members. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.
  1. The purpose of this technical note is update Members in relation to the meeting of the Housing, Health & Care Forum scheduled to take place on 31st May 2021.
  2.  Following discussions between the Chief Executive and the Chair of the Housing, Health & Care Forum, it is intended to cancel the meeting of the Forum scheduled for 31st May 2021. This is to reflect the continuing demands on the service areas most likely to report to the Forum. It will also enable to meetings of the Forum to be scheduled in a way that enables Members to consider matters in alignment with the business of the HSCP Board.
  3. A new diary of meetings for Council and Committees will be submitted to Council for approval on 17th June 2021. The proposed diary includes dates for the Housing, Health & Care Forum and these are scheduled having regard to the known dates of the HSCP Board.
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All Elected Members Corporate Management Team Executive Officers HSCP Management Team Corporate Communications Corporate Governance Manager Democratic Services Team Leader