Technical Notes 2021, Issue 123 - Incident at Craigdhu Primary School

Report by: 
Ann Davie, Depute Chief Executive – Education, People & Business
TN Number: 
Incident at Craigdhu Primary School
Responsible Officer: 
Greg Bremner, Interim Chief Education Officer
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Members. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.
  1. The purpose of this technical note is to provide Elected Members with information relating to an incident at Craigdhu Primary School at lunchtime today.
  1. A carbon monoxide alarm in the school's plant room - separate from the main school building - was activated earlier today.  No alarms within the school were activated and no carbon monoxide fumes were present in classrooms or in areas used by pupils.
  1. A site investigation concluded that fumes from a contractor's machinery being used outside, got into the plant room and activated its alarm.
  1. In line with emergency procedures, and as a precaution, the Head Teacher sounded the fire alarm to ensure a quick and safe evacuation.  This resulted in Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) attending.
  1. Officers from SFRS, the Council's Health & Safety Team and SGN carried out a full investigation with pupils and staff being allowed back into the school at 12.30pm when it was assessed as being safe.
  1. A full investigation will be carried out into the incident.
Distribution List: 
All Elected Members, Corporate Management Team, Executive Officers, HSCP Management Team, Corporate Communications