Technical Notes 2021, Issue 10 - Temporary Closure of Mavis Valley Household Waste Recycling Centre

Report by: 
Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive – Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets
TN Number: 
Temporary Closure of Mavis Valley Household Waste Recycling Centre
Responsible Officer: 
Paul Curran, Executive Officer, Neighbourhood Services
This Technical Note will be published on the Council’s website following circulation to Member. Its contents may be disclosed or shared outwith the Council.

The purpose of this technical note is to advise Elected Members of the temporary requirement to close the Mavis Valley Household Waste recycling centre today. This followed a road traffic incident approximately 50 yards from the entrance to the facility on Balmuildy Road. Traffic Management was in operation however a car pulled out of queueing traffic into the path of another vehicle, leading to a rear end collision.

Officers were required to close the facility for the traffic to clear and allow the queueing vehicles to disperse. Police Scotland were in attendance and it is our understanding that there were injuries to either party.  

The Household Waste recycling centre will reopen tomorrow from 8.00am to 4.00pm, with traffic management in place to control traffic movements on site. Police Scotland has advised the need to disperse queueing traffic along Balmuildy Road, in order to prevent congestion and the risk of a further incident therefore queueing vehicles will require to move on as and when requested.  

This information has been communicated to the public through the Council Website and social media channels, however should the congestion and disruption to the main road network continue, there may be a further requirement to review this arrangement.

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All Elected Members Corporate Management Team Executive Officers HSCP Management Team Corporate Communications