Statistics, facts and figures


This section provides a range of statistics about East Dunbartonshire, from a variety of sources.

East Dunbartonshire Area Profile

The East Dunbartonshire Area Profile 2021 provides an overview of the population and its detailed characteristics.  The information is provided at Scotland, East Dunbartonshire and Ward level where data is available.  The data used is from a variety of sources including the 2011 Census, NOMIS (official labour market statistics website) and Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics.

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) is the official measure of deprivation in Scotland and identifies small area concentrations of multiple deprivation.  The Index provides a relative measure of deprivation and is used to compare small areas (datazones) across Scotland by providing each zone with a unique ranking from most deprived (Rank 1) to least deprived (Rank 6,976).  Further information on SIMD can be accessed here.

Population Estimates and Projections

Population estimates and projections are published by National Records of Scotland, estimates are produced annually and projections are produced every two years.   It should be noted that there are limitations with projections as they are assumptions based on past trends and do not take account of any future changes that may occur as a result of policy initiatives.  Further information and previous population estimates can be accessed by visiting the National Records of Scotland.

Household Estimates and Projections

Household Estimates and Projections are produced by National Records of Scotland.  Household Estimates provides the estimates of the number of households and dwellings in Scotland and Council areas and are released annually.  Household Projections are produced every second year and cover a projection period of 25 years.  They show the projected number of households in Scotland and Council areas.  Please select the following link to access further information relating to previous household estimates and projections.

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy figures are published by National Records of Scotland and provide information at Scotland and Council level.  The figures in the publication are a three year average and are produced by aggregating deaths and population data for the three year period.  Life Expectancy figures are published annually.   Further information on life expectancy can be accessed here.


Migration statistics are produced by National Records of Scotland and are published annually.  Migration is the most difficult component of population change to estimate.  There is no comprehensive system which registers migration in the UK.  Estimates of migration therefore have to be based on survey data and the best proxy data that exists.  Please select the following link for further information about migration.