Composite classes

What is a composite class?

Primary schools have pupils at seven broad year stages, primary 1 to primary 7.  A composite class is composed of children from more than one stage/year group, eg a primary 2/3 composite class has children from both primary 2 and primary 3.

How are children taught in a composite class? How is the curriculum taught in a composite class? 

In primary schools, children are mainly taught in groups or individually, according to their needs.  This principle is central to the development of each child, regardless of whether he/she is in a single stage or composite class.  Teachers are trained to adapt their teaching to meet the needs of the pupils under their charge.  Every class contains children at different ability levels. 

In every Scottish school the curriculum is based on the experiences and outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence.  Children will work at different levels and move forward at different rates depending on their ability.  Moving through the curriculum is not determined by the child's class but by their stage of development. 

For further information, you can download the Composite Classes - Guide for Parents document.

If you require additional information, please contact the Head Teacher or a member of the management team of your child's school.