Real nappies

What are real nappies?

Modern real nappies are very practical and offer parents and parents-to-be an alternative to disposable nappies.
Real nappies are made of lightweight, fluffy fabrics which can be machine washed and reused over and over again, while disposable nappies can only be used once.

Benefits of using real nappies

Benefits of using real nappies include:
• Can save you money 
• Convenient to wash and dry
• Easy to use and comfortable for baby
• Reduces your household waste, which goes to landfill sites
• Available in a variety of styles, materials and sizes there is one to suit every pocket and lifestyle


On average a baby goes through 5,000 disposable nappies, a cost of around £650 to £1300. A set of 'real' nappies costs £150 or less.


In the UK, 8 million nappies a day are sent to landfill. Studies show that you can reduce your environmental effect by up to 40% by choosing reusable nappies.

Convenience and comfort

'Real' nappies are shaped to fit, like disposable nappies. Some can be adjusted to fit from birth up to potty training.


Use 'real' nappies to suit your lifestyle, perhaps switching from reusable, at home, to disposables when out and about.