Geodiversity Audit: East Dunbartonshire

The East Dunbartonshire Geodiversity Audit (2010), was commissioned by East Dunbartonshire Council, jointly funded by the Council and Scottish Natural Heritage, and carried out by the British Geological Survey (BGS). A total of 36 sites with the potential for geodiversity value were visited and audited, most during March and April 2009.

Of these 36 sites, 34 were recommended as Local Geodiversity Sites. The sites, chosen primarily for their geology, have revealed numerous links to the character of the landscape, historical structures, ecology, and the economic and cultural history of the area. Many of these sites could be enhanced to encourage visitors and students to learn more about the geology beneath their feet and how the geology, as the foundation of our landscape, has influenced the form and nature of what lies at the surface; from the inter-drumlin depressions which have created a wetland habitat to the ironstones and fireclays which were exploited as raw materials for the heavy industry which flourished around Glasgow, resulting in the development of large conurbations.

This report will assist in future planning, development and conservation issues within East Dunbartonshire and form the basis of a Local Geodiversity Action Plan (LGAP).


The report can be downloaded from the Natural Environment Research Council website.