Active Travel Strategy 2015

East Dunbartonshire Council’s Active Travel Strategy was approved by the Council in December 2015. The Strategy was developed in partnership with Capita and included a review of the current active travel network along with stakeholder and public consultation which informed the development of an ‘Action Plan’ of local projects related to both infrastructure and behaviour change.

All the projects within the strategy are derived from identified gaps and issues in the current network and aim to provide connections between residential areas and attractions like town centres, train stations, leisure centres, libraries. Actions in the strategy also aim to improve cross boundary connections and connections between communities within East Dunbartonshire.

New projects include an ‘East Dunbartonshire Loop’ linking many of the area’s towns and villages by improving the existing network and creating new connections to form a continuous circular route. It is anticipated that this project will provide everyday improvements to the active travel network but also draw visiting walkers and cyclists to the area. 

The documents below are available to download from this page.

  • East Dunbartonshire Council Active Travel Strategy
  • Capital Background Report
  • Environmental Report 
  • Equalities Impact Assessment
  • Report of Engagement
  • Active Travel Strategy Biennial Monitoring Report 2018

Active Travel Strategy Biennial Monitoring Report 2018

Within the Active Travel Strategy's Monitoring Plan there was a commitment to produce a Biennial Monitoring Report outlining progress against the Strategy's objectives and targets. This Monitoring Report has now been completed and is available to download from the documents section at the right hand side of this page.