Scottish Housing Regulator National Panel

Add your voice, help us improve services…..

Would you like to help improve social landlord services in Scotland? The National Panel is one of the ways that the Scottish Housing Regulator can hear from people who use social landlord services.

What’s involved?

Panel feedback is important to make sure the Regulator focuses on the important things.

We have more than 400 people already having their say. Members receive occasional surveys, information updates and take part in other feedback exercises. Participation is always optional.

Who can join?

The Panel is open to anyone who uses social landlord services. Our members include social tenants, people who have been homeless, home owners who receive factoring or common repairs from a social landlord, and people on social rented Gypsy/Traveller sites.

Find out more and join

Online at

Call Engage Scotland (who manage the Panel) on 0800 433 7212

Request a printed form by email or call 0800 433 7212