Community Safety Partnership

The East Dunbartonshire Community Safety Partnership includes the Council, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  The Partnership has different skills and powers which will help improve the quality of life of the people of East Dunbartonshire.

The partnership also works closely across services and agencies, such as Education, Social Work, Leisure Trust, Alcohol & Drugs, Criminal Justice, Scottish Canals, Children's Services, Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Neighbourhood Services in both planning and actions.

Partnership Priority:

Local Outcome 4 – ‘East Dunbartonshire is a safe and sustainable environment in which to live, work and visit’.

Partnership Objectives:

The main objectives of the Partnership are:

Objective 1    Reducing crime, disorder and anti social behaviour

Objective 2    Reducing accidents in the community (fire, road safety, workplace and home)

Objective 3    Diversionary activities for under 18s

Objective 4    Injury prevention for under 5s or over 65s

Objective 5    Deal with domestic abuse

Objective 6    Reducing re-offending

Funding Application

The Community Safety Partnership aims to make our communities a safe environment in which to live, work and visit. This is not just about antisocial behaviour and crime; it also looks at the quality of life of our residents - injury prevention, accident awareness and home/road/leisure safety.

The funding stream is available to groups whose projects help us achieve these aims and work within our objectives.

If your project can help achieve one or more of these objectives and answer yes to the following questions then this funding stream might be the one for you:

Do you need funding to help people within the local community stay safe, stay well and live strong?

Do you have a UK-based bank or building society in the name of your organisation that requires at least two people (who are unrelated and do not live at the same address) to sign cheques or make a withdrawal?

Can you send us an application at least three months before your project starts and complete it before the end of the financial year?

Can you explain the need for your project and the changes that will happen because of it?

Some of our previous projects include:

  • Street Rugby Programme
  • Domestic Abuse Alarm
  • KLC 629 – at Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre
  • Home Safety Service for the Elderly

Application guidance notes and form are available in the Documents section.