Covid-19 School Update

This page contains information and guidance for parents/carers in relation to Covid-19 and our schools.

Isolation period and free school meals (Published 3 November)

These FAQs provide details of the payments being made for those eligible for free school meals who are required to isolate as a result of a positive Covid-19 test or as a result of being identified as a close contact and requiring to isolate.

Q Will my child still be entitled to receive Free School Meals during a period of isolation?
A Yes, those children who have qualified for Free School Meals through the School Clothing Grant/Free School Meal application, will continue to receive entitlement.
Q How do the Council know that my child is absent through Isolation?
A Each School report to a Central Support Team on isolating children, this central record is utilised to identify those children who qualify for Free School Meals. 
Q Will I be contacted to confirm you are aware my child is absent through isolation?
A The Central Support Team will contact Qualifying parents by telephone to confirm information held and confirm payment details. EDC will ask you to confirm your sort code and the last four digits of the Bank Account that you provided through the School Clothing Grant/Free School Meal application process.
Q What if my bank account information has changed?
A When the Central Support team contact you to confirm payment information, they will ask you to contact the council on 0800 111 4000 to supply your new bank account details.
Q How will free school meals be provided during isolation?
A EDC will pay £4 per day per child, this will be paid for each school day that your child is absent from school through isolation.
Q How will this payment be made?
A The online application process for receipt of Free School Meals/Clothing Grant provided Parent/Guardian Bank Account information.  This information will be utilised to make payments during the period of isolation. This will be confirmed via contact with the Central Support Team
Q When will I receive the payment?
A The Council aim to have the payment with you within 48 hours of the Central Support team receiving confirmation of Bank Account information

Self-isolation guidance - Council letter to parents (published 30 October)

This letter was issued to parents/carers to provide additional guidance on self-isolation requirements to keep schools safe.

Council letter to parents/carers with self isolation guidance

Public Health Q&A for parents/carers and pupils (Published 4 September 2020)

NHSGGC and Glasgow City Council have issued a YouTube video of a question and answer session with NHSGGC Director for Public Health, Linda de Caestecker.  

The video contains useful information on the symptoms of coronavirus, when to self-isolate, when to get tested and how to seek further advice. 

There is also detailed guidance for parents on:
·    when should a child be asked to go home 
·    whether or not a child who has cold symptoms can still come to school
·    what happens when a teacher tests positive
·    if a school can ask to see a negative test result before allowing a child back to school?

The video is available on Glasgow City Council YouTube channel.

Pupil Absences from Schools - Council letter to parents/carers (Published 31 August 2020)

NHS Public Health have sent a letter to parents/carers through our schools to provide the latest guidance on testing for children on Thursday 27 August.  A further letter was issued by the Council from the Chief Education Officer on Friday 28 August in relation to pupil absences from schools.  Both letters are published here:

NHS Letter to parents/carers with Covid-19 Testing Guidance 

Council Letter to parents/carers on pupil absences from schools.


Covid-19 Testing Guidance - NHS letter to parents (Published 28 August 2020)

NHS Public Health have sent a letter to parents/carers through our schools to provide the latest guidance on testing for children. 

Letter to parents/carers with Covid-19 Testing Guidance

Cleaning Arrangements in Schools (Published 12 August 2020)

From August 2020,  there will be a new and enhanced cleaning regime within our schools and early years centres in response to Covid- 19. Read this leaflet to find out more about what we are doing to help keep everyone in our educational establishments safe.


Back to School Update (Published 22 June)

Information is being provided to parents/carers today in relation to the reopening of schools in August.  That information includes:

  • A letter from Chief Education Officer Jacqui MacDonald, highlighting the principles in our planning for schools reopening and confirming the particular arrangements for their sector.
  • A letter from their Head Teacher with the specific arrangements for their school.
  • A leaflet with details of keeping safe on return to school and practical information in relation to school uniform, school bags, stationery and lunch boxes.

The East Dunbartonshire Local Phased Delivery Plan was the starting point for our individual School Recovery Plans.

You can read our Local Phased Delivery Plan here

You can read our back to school information leaflet here.

We have developed some consistent signage to ensure that there is clear messaging throughout our schools and that this is consistent across East Dunbartonshire.


        Keep your school safe