Kirkintilloch Initiative

The Kirkintilloch’s Initiative (Ki) is a Community Planning Partnership between East Dunbartonshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  The Initiative was created to take advantage and maximise the wider benefits to be derived from the development of Woodilee – a former NHS hospital site – and to provide a regeneration package for the benefit of the local economy.

The overall objective of the regeneration initiative is to improve confidence in Kirkintilloch Town Centre and to provide the residents of Kirkintilloch with high quality public services and commercial facilities. As a result of the partnership with the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde this objective expanded into the provision of initiatives including modem accessible healthcare, social care and leisure facilities in the Kirkintilloch area. Specifically the objectives have been;

  • To provide the physical infrastructure which gives the capacity to accommodate beneficial development including the Kirkintilloch Link Road, car parking, access strategies and open space areas
  • To protect and enhance Kirkintilloch Town Centre
  • To provide a replacement swimming pool and associated leisure facilities in Kirkintilloch
  • To provide a modem accessible high standard Health and Social Care Centre for the Kirkintilloch area
  • To provide replacement community space for Kirkintilloch Town Hall (which has significant maintenance problems)
  • To enable delivery of the Structure Plan commitment to the development of the former Woodilee Hospital site for private sector housing
  • To maximise the opportunities for economic development associated with the Millennium Link and to build on Kirkintilloch’s natural advantage of having the reopened canal passing through the centre of the town.
  • To ensure that the benefits of regeneration contribute to Social Inclusion in the Kirkintilloch area.

Having operated from August 2002, the Kirkintilloch Initiative was effectively mothballed and is not currently operating with the Council having taken the lead on its previous objective around the regeneration and enhancement of Kirkintilloch Town Centre. It is now in the process of being wound-up.

The Model publication Scheme and the Guide to Information can be found within our document section of this page.

Contact Information:

Kirkintilloch Initiative, c/o East Dunbartonshire Council 12 Strathkelvin Place, Kirkintilloch, G66 1TJ