Keep Safe

East Dunbartonshire Council has joined forces with Police Scotland to support the Keep Safe initiative in the area, which provides vulnerable adults with a safe space and point of contact if they feel insecure or unsafe whilst they are out and about.

The Keep Safe initiative works with a network of organisations, including councils, shops, cafes and libraries, who have agreed to make their premises a ‘Keep Safe’ place to go for those who need it if they are frightened, distressed or a victim of crime whilst out in the community.

Chief Inspector for East Dunbartonshire Gerry Corrigan  added, “This initiative aims to help vulnerable members of our communities, including the elderly and the disabled, to feel safe and know where to go for help and assistance, should they require it.  We continue to work closely with Community Hub Teams, providing guidance and training to enable them to support our more vulnerable citizens so that when they see the Keep Safe signage, they know this is somewhere they can ask for help.”

Those who wish to take part in the initiative will be issued with a contact card which will contain details of the person’s name, any health concerns, any communications needs and helpful contact details for friends and family.

Organisations who agree to take part in the initiative are issued with a Keep Safe sticker to display in their premises window to let vulnerable people know that they provide a ‘Keep Safe’ place.  If a person goes in to the Keep Safe place and shows their contact card, they will be provided with reassurance and the employee helping them will ring one of the numbers on their contact card and/or contact the police if a crime has been committed.

Customer Service agents in the Council’s four Community Hubs have received training on the scheme which went live in East Dunbartonshire at the end of May.  More details can be found on the Keep Safe website.