European Parliamentary Elections 2019

European Parliamentary Elections  

Elections to the European Parliament are held every 5 years, the last being 2014. For this election the UK comprises several regions which return a set number of duly elected members. Scotland is treated as 1 region and returns 6 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). The Election will be held on Thursday 23 May 2019 and the result declared on Sunday 26 May 2019

Notice of Election

The Regional Returning Officer for the Electoral Region of Scotland gives notice that an election is to be held for six (6) members of the European Parliament.  If the election is contested the poll will be held on Thursday 23 May 2019 between 7am and 10pm. 

All Nominations (parties or individuals require to be lodged with by 4pm on Thursday 25 April 2019


Notice of Poll

The Notice of Poll which lists the registered parties and individual candidates who have been and now stand nominated for the European Parliamentary Election for the Electoral Region of Scotland.
There are Two Notices of Election Agents appointed which provide names of election agents of registered parties at this election and the addresses to which all claims, legal process, and other documents addressed to them may be sent. One reflects Election Agents  across the UK and the other refers to those Election Agents for Candidates standing only in Scotland
Lastly there is a notice which pertains to the local area of East Dunbartonshire and provides the Situation of Polling Stations across East Dunbartonshire for this Election.


Results for Scotland Region

Results for the Scottish region area will follow.

Following the collation of the local totals submitted by the 32 Local Returning Officers, the calculation of the result for the Electoral Region of Scotland and the subsequent allocation of seats, the Regional Returning officer has declared the results of this election and published a statement of the results in this region. For your information and your publication locally in your own local counting areas, please find attached:

1. A redacted statement of the results – called “web version” – which has had the home addresses of the candidates removed.  This is to be the version published on websites.  As with the Notice of Poll / Statement  of Parties and Individual Candidates Nominated, it has been agreed that the home addresses should be removed from notices posted on the internet. 

2. An Excel workbook showing the totals per party and candidate for each local counting area, an analysis of rejected papers per local counting area and a copy of the declaration of results.

East Dunbartonshire area total number of votes

Gerry Cornes, Local Returning Officer appointed for the East Dunbartonshire counting area at the European Parliamentary Election in the Electoral Region of Scotland, held on 23 May 2019, hereby certify, and declare:

The total number of valid votes given to each registered party and individual candidate in the East Dunbartonshire area is as follows:

  1. The total number of valid votes given to each registered party and individual candidate in the East Dunbartonshire area is as follows:
    Number of valid votes by party
    Party Number of Votes
    Change UK – The Independent Group 708
    Conservative and Unionist Party 3,925
    Labour Party 2,617
    Liberal Democrats 9,615
    Scottish Green Party 3,112
    Scottish National Party (SNP) 13,414
    The Brexit Party 4,787
    UK Independence Party (UKIP) 470
    Edgar, Gordon 147
    Parke, Ken 46
  2. The number of ballot papers rejected is as follows
    Reason Number of votes
    Rejected ballot papers
    a) want of an official mark 0
    b) voting for more than one registered party/individual candidate 39
    c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
    d) unmarked or void for uncertainty 79
    The total number of rejected ballot papers was (a+b+c+d) 118