Covid-19 School Update

Schools Update - YouTube Video - Public Health Q&A for parents, carers & pupils (Published Friday 4 September)

NHSGGC and Glasgow City Council have issued a YouTube video of a question and answer session with NHSGGC Director for Public Health, Linda de Caestecker.  

The video contains useful information on the symptoms of coronavirus, when to self-isolate, when to get tested and how to seek further advice. 

There is also detailed guidance for parents on:
·    when should a child be asked to go home 
·    whether or not a child who has cold symptoms can still come to school
·    what happens when a teacher tests positive
·    if a school can ask to see a negative test result before allowing a child back to school?

The video is available on Glasgow City Council YouTube channel.

Schools Update (Published 31 August 2020)

NHS Public Health have sent a letter to parents/carers through our schools to provide the latest guidance on testing for children on Thursday 27 August.  A further letter was issued by the Council from the Chief Education Officer on Friday 28 August in relation to pupil absences from schools.  Both letters are published here:

NHS Letter to parents/carers with Covid-19 Testing Guidance 

Council Letter to parents/carers on pupil absences from schools.


Schools Update (Published 28 August 2020)

NHS Public Health have sent a letter to parents/carers through our schools to provide the latest guidance on testing for children. 

Letter to parents/carers with Covid-19 Testing Guidance 

Schools Update – New Cleaning Arrangements (Published Wednesday 12 August)

From August 2020,  there will be a new and enhanced cleaning regime within our schools and early years centres in response to Covid- 19. Read this leaflet to find out more about what we are doing to help keep everyone in our educational establishments safe.

Schools Update – Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools (Published Friday 7 August)

For the safety of all pupils and staff, no cash or cheques will be accepted for payment for school catering and unique PIN codes will be the only method of identification for pupils when paying for school meals from Wednesday 12 August.  Emails/letters are being issued to parents and carers with their child’s unique PIN code and details on how to top up their child’s account.  The following FAQs have been prepared to provide additional information. Cashless Catering FAQs.

Schools Update (Published Monday 3 August)

Following confirmation last week (Friday 31 July) that pupils would return to school on Wednesday 12 August, the following Frequently Asked Questions have been prepared to provide additional information on the arrangements in place.

Schools Update (Published 31 July 2020)

Following yesterday’s statement (Thursday 30 July) by Scottish Government, the Council can confirm that schools in East Dunbartonshire will fully reopen to pupils on Wednesday 12 August.  As previously planned, teachers will return on Monday 10 August for two in service days in final preparation for the new 2020/21 school year.

Significant work by many Council teams has been continuing in recent weeks to make a pupil return on 12 August possible, and a range of measures are being implemented to ensure that our schools are safe for both pupils and school based workforce. These include:  

  • All pupils will return to school on 12 August but there will be some phasing over the first week with some year groups attending for shorter periods each day.  This will be organised in our secondary schools to ensure that the new arrangements can be put in place, particularly during lunch time.
  • The guidance issued by Scottish Government says that physical distancing will not be enforced between pupils, but secondary schools are being encouraged to make adjustments where possible to encourage older children to keep apart.  There will be physical distancing between adults - and where possible, adults and children will be expected to maintain 2m distance.
  • Increased measures are being put in place to ensure our schools are clean, safe environments.  Additional cleaning will be undertaken throughout the school day and we are recruiting over 70 additional day cleaners across the school estate in response to Covid-19.
  • Clear and consistent signage has been developed to reinforce messaging on good hand hygiene, catching and binning sneezes and for one way systems where these are being implemented.  There will also be entrance signage advising anyone who may have symptoms not to enter our schools and reminders of key messages at the school gates for parents/carers, including physical distancing between non-family groups at drop off and pick up.

Significant work is also underway in relation to transport provision and information will be issued in relation to considering active travel for journeys to school to avoid congestion and large gatherings at the school gates and approaches to them.  There are challenges at the approaches to a number of our schools and to address this some Temporary Traffic Restriction Orders are being put in place.  We would encourage parents and carers to consider walking to school for their children where this is possible and to always park responsibly in the school vicinity.

All school-specific information, including any new Temporary Traffic Restriction Orders, will be issued directly to parents/carers by each school.

Schools Update (published Monday 22 June)

Information is being provided to parents/carers today in relation to the reopening of schools in August.  That information includes:

  • A letter from Chief Education Officer Jacqui MacDonald, highlighting the principles in our planning for schools reopening and confirming the particular arrangements for their sector.
  • A letter from their Head Teacher with the specific arrangements for their school.
  • A leaflet with details of keeping safe on return to school and practical information in relation to school uniform, school bags, stationery and lunch boxes.

The East Dunbartonshire Local Phased Delivery Plan was the starting point for our individual School Recovery Plans.

You can read our Local Phased Delivery Plan here

You can read our back to school information leaflet here.

We have developed some consistent signage to ensure that there is clear messaging throughout our schools and that this is consistent across East Dunbartonshire.


        Keep your school safe  

Schools Reopening Update (Thursday 18 June)

Following the update we provided last week (11 June) directly to parents and through a media release, we have prepared a series of FAQs on our plans for reopening.

School Reopening Planning - Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the media release here:  Blended approach to Learning school recovery plans

Each school will provide a further update early next week with details of arrangements for that school, including days of attendance. We would like to thank you once again for your continued understanding as our reopening planning progresses.

School Placing Requests (Update on 29 May 2020) 

Letters and emails were issued last week (21 & 22 May) to those families waiting for a decision on their placing request for an East Dunbartonshire school. 

The Council is continuing work to develop appeal procedures taking account of the restrictions due to coronavirus (Covid-19). Please see the Appeals: School placing request page for the latest information on the appeals process.


School Placing Requests (Update on 28 April 2020)

The Scottish Government has issued regulations relating to placing requests for schools' admissions for the School Session 2020/21.  The new regulations amend the time limits in relation to making decisions on placing requests and in hearing appeals against refusals of placing requests. 

The new deadline whereby the Council is required to notify applicants of decisions on placing requests for the School Session 2020/21 is now 31 May 2020.

The Council is working to process all applications and to develop appeal procedures taking account of the restrictions due to coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Council will keep placing request applicants informed of any further developments through updates on the website and through social media channels.

Food Vouchers (Free School Meals/Clothing Grants)

The Council has introduced a food voucher scheme for those in receipt of: Free School Meals (excluding the universal provision for P1-P3); Free Early Years Meals (excluding the universal provision in the pilot 1140hr Early Years Centres); and School Clothing Grants.  The details can be found on the following webpage:

Childcare for Key Workers

We have put arrangements in place to provide childcare for the children of key workers to allow them to continue to work, in line with Government commitments.  The provision to ensure that children of key workers have continuing access to appropriate learning and childcare, beyond the normal school day will be provided in Hubs within each locality area.  

It is essential that places are restricted to those children, whose parents are Key Workers and need to go to work and have no other available childcare options.  This will ensure we have smaller numbers and require fewer staff, reducing the risk of Covid-19 spreading both to children and staff.

Arrangements will be in place in all Locality Hubs to take account of the NHS Guidance in relation to Covid-19.  This will include:

  • Children will not be allowed to attend if they show symptoms or if their household is self isolating due to a member of the family showing symptoms
  • There will be  a risk assessment to address the requirements of Covid 19
  • This will include small groups and where possible social distancing and as much outdoor activity as possible.

Places will be allocated if parents meet the following criteria:

  • A parent in the key worker category as defined by Scottish Government; AND
  • Are required to attend their place of work i.e are not working from home; AND
  • Have no other childcare options e.g family member who is not in the over 70s or vulnerable group category;  Places are limited so we would request that all options are explored before a place is requested.

Scottish Government information in relation to key workers can be found on their website:

Provision will be available from 8.00am to 6.00pm in the Primary School Hubs and Early Years Hubs and from 9.00am to 3.00pm in the Secondary School Hubs.

Places will be allocated to suit parents work patterns and this may change so parents will be asked to notify any changes they require.

Children with underlying health conditions are at risk and so cannot be allocated a place until this is discussed with a parent.

If you have not yet applied for a place, please complete the on-line form and return it to

Application form for key worker provision

'Key Worker Application is now closed.

Application form 

If you have any questions about the Key Worker Provision, please email

Resources and Support for children at home

East Dunbartonshire Council is providing more than 500 laptops and more than 100 mobile wifi devices, to pupils  across the area to help children and young people with home learning.

This comes as schools plan for home learning to continue to play a significant part in young people's education while lockdown is eased and schools reopen.

To ensure that no-one is disadvantaged because they cannot access online learning opportunities, pupils will receive the devices they need to help their studies.

The Council is providing 532 laptops and 115 mifi devices to pupils in towns and villages across the area, having worked closely with Headteachers to identify where they were needed most.