World Polio Day marked with the colour purple across Civic buildings

Thursday, 15 October, 2020


Council buildings will be lit up purple on Saturday, October 24, to mark World Polio Day and raise awareness of this cruel disease.

Rotary International is committed to eradicating polio throughout the world and

Kirkintilloch Rotary Club is always keen to help raise awareness by holding local events to recognise the progress the organisation is making towards making this disease a thing of the past.

Due to the current pandemic, however, this year’s planned events cannot go ahead. Despite this, Rotary International is keener than ever to draw attention to the fact that polio is still affecting lives. In fact, many vaccination programmes around the world have had to be suspended due to Covid-19.

We will be supporting the Rotary Club's efforts by lighting the following buildings up purple: Kirkintilloch Community Hub/William Patrick Library building; Milngavie Town Hall and Bearsden Community Hub.

Cllr Moody said, “Ending a disease is a massive effort and we are keen to help highlight the great work being done by the Rotary Club locally and internationally. The colour purple has been chosen because that is the colour that children's fingers are dyed once they have been inoculated against polio.”

Cllr Polson added, “While it is unfortunate that the usual events have had to be cancelled this year, we are happy to help raise the profile of this awareness day and lend our support to Rotary International's campaign.”

Morag Macleod, President of Kirkintilloch Rotary Club, added, "We'd like to thank the Council for once again arranging for some of their most prominent buildings to be lit up purple to mark World Polio Day. This year, Kirkintilloch Rotary are planting thousands of crocuses at Lenzie Station, Waterside and Rotary Way instead of our usual ‘purple pinkie’ campaign in schools to raise awareness."

For more information, visit the End Polio website [opens in a new window].

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