Walk a great boost for school projects!

Monday, 19 December, 2016


First-class funding boosts will help to inspire youngsters at schools in Bishopbriggs and Lenzie to walk, cycle and get active.

Sustrans Scotland has awarded £70,000 to a project at Meadowburn Primary and £25,000 to a scheme at Lenzie Meadow Primary.

East Dunbartonshire Council is providing match-funding for both projects, which will improve access for pupils:

  • An existing pedestrian link will be upgraded between Meadowburn Primary and Heriot Crescent / Teviot Avenue, Bishopbriggs. Work will include redesigned steps, a new ramp for disabled access and prams, and associated landscape improvements.
  • At Lenzie Meadow, a route will be created from the back of the school to link in with the path network on the Moss. It will be a safe, off-road path to be used by young people walking and cycling.

Councillor Alan Moir, Convener of Development and Regeneration, said, "Well done to everyone involved at the Council for successfully securing the funds and many thanks to Sustrans Scotland for backing our plans.

"Both of these projects will help to inspire youngsters - and indeed their families and people who work at the schools - to get more active.

"The project at Meadowburn will mean much-needed improvements to the existing pedestrian link, which has unfortunately been deteriorating for a number of years.

"Local residents have requested something be done to make this an attractive and user-friendly route, and I am pleased that we have been able to secure support.

"As well as redesigned steps, a ramp will be created which is compliant with equality legislation and provides access for people using wheelchairs, cycles, prams and more. It is hoped work will begin in early 2017.

"At Lenzie Meadow, a path will be created at the rear of the school to tie in with the Lenzie Moss path network.

"At the moment walking to the back entrance can be a challenge when it's wet and muddy. The new path will connect to the Moss, which provides a route to and from the train station, and other parts of Lenzie, which can be used all year round.

"Again, this is something which parents have identified as being important to encourage walking and cycling."

The exact route and make-up of the path has still to be determined and will involve consultation with the school, Lenzie Rugby Club, Friends of Lenzie Moss, Lenzie Community Council and more.

The funding awards from Sustrans are being match-funded with support from the Council's capital programme. That is completely separate from the revenue budget which pays for day-to-day services and is under significant pressure.

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